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Brain Sensation: Part 4

BSMWe swallow a mouthful of food then, eventually, the entire meal is consumed. What follows is an incredibly complex chain of processes the brain and body must conduct to digest, assimilate and eliminate food.

To explain briefly, dozens of enzymes work tirelessly to break up the large chunks of swallowed food into microscopic bits, as large chunks simply cannot permeate the porous intestinal lining. Once they are broken down, or pulverized, these microscopic food particles can now pass through the intestinal lining and enter the bloodstream while, on the flip-side, an entirely different group of enzymes, with equal determination and faculty, re-assemble the microscopic food particles to construct brand new living tissue and repair old withered ones; i.e., muscle, bone, and organ included.

Eventually, food becomes us. We (really) are what we eat!


Written by John Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved

Excerpts taken from Brain Sensation & Motivation

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Brain Sensation: Part 3

BSMA man sees a woman he’s attracted to. Conversely, a woman sees a man she’s smitten with. Deep inside their brains their hypothalamus glands releases gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GNRH). This (procreative/sexual) hormone is immediately sent to their pituitary glands to release the gonadotrophins. The pituitary responds by sending the gonadotrophins to the gonads; testicles for the man and ovaries for the woman. This is the scientific way of explaining the ‘big head, little head’ connection which makes the sexual response mechanism possible; it’s another one of our procreative genes.

As a result of this hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal * responce, a man’s genital region experiences an influx of blood with a corresponding dilation of penile tissue to create an erection. Conversely, the female genital region also receives a surge in blood supply which triggers heightened sensitivity and enlargement of her clitoris, with corresponding secretions of vaginal fluids and dilation of the vaginal chamber in preparation for intercourse.

Needless to say, this is the beginning of new life; our procreative mechanism in its infancy. The brain really is the largest sex organ in the body.

* Often referred to as the acronyms HPGA or HPTA; ’T’ for testicular


Written by John Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved

Excerpts taken from Brain Sensation & Motivation

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Brain Sensation: Part 2

BSMYou’ve finally had a chance to unwind from the day and are plumped on your sofa watching your favorite television program. As time passes the temperature in the room becomes hotter and hotter, and you begin to feel uncomfortable. As an innate (natural) defense mechanism, your body strives to maintain a comfortable body temperature; also related to homeostasis. Once your brain determines that you’re uncomfortable it commands various systems in your body to find, then push water to the surface of the skin to cool yourself off, creating perspiration. The water (sweat) is taken from within muscle tissues, organs, the bloodstream and even your brain.

According to many studies, muscles, on average, are comprised approximately 70% water, the brain is 80% and blood comes in at 90%; reason why many regard blood as liquid tissue.

This is yet another one of our survival mechanisms Mother Nature has equipped us with to cool us off in hot temperatures. And, in reverse, we’re also equipped to turn up the heat when things become too cold . . .

… You’re still trying to enjoy your favorite show, but now the temperature drops to freezing. Without telling your body to quiver it automatically triggers a homeostatic reaction that provokes your body to shiver and shake while your teeth begin to chatter. All of the shivering and shaking and chattering are the body’s way it can create friction that releases internal heat, much like starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

The brain also controls body temperature and hydration levels. So the healthier your brain is the more comfortable and productive your life becomes. And it’s a prudent idea to drink plenty of water and make sure your dwelling has a functional thermostat that compliments the one inside your body!


Written by John Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved

Excerpts taken from Brain Sensation & Motivation

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Is it all that’s it’s hyped up to be?

BookWhile testosterone can be taken by injection, by implant or transdermally (topical to skin, usually in the armpit), why do the purported benefits range so greatly for men using it?  Because, it really does!

Through their physician, some men (roughly between 40 and 75) choose HRT or TRT to primarily increase libido or sex drive, but also to look and perform better, with more energy and overall vitality. However, both anecdote and science data suggests that for a fair percentage of T users, there’s less than a sterling response. Once more, the longer a man relies on exogenous testosterone replacement the less effective this hormone seems to benefit him (especially sexually). There also becomes (more or less), a lifelong dependence on the exogenous testosterone therapy.

Man is a Sensory Creature!

What man ‘senses’ often stimulates psycho-biological reactions that prepare the body to ‘manage’ that which is being sensed. By this I mean, when a man’s brain ‘senses’ it’s hot his body shifts fluids from organs, muscle and blood to the surface of the skin to cool himself off (i.e., perspiration). When the temperature drops, and that same man senses it’s cold, his muscles shiver to elevate body temperature from friction. Another example is a man who’s asleep under the rays (sunbathing in his back yard), jumps completely off his lawn chair when he ‘hears’ a firecracker, loud noise or car backfire. His brain immediately ‘senses’ danger. Essentially, his hypothalamus gland releases a chemical signal, to signal or alert his adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline. This reaction accelerates respiration and heart rate, both to supply more energy and oxygen (blood) to suddenly tensing muscles that have to either ‘fight or flight’; or jump off of lawn chairs, to ‘manage’ the eminent danger. This is one of man’s ‘caveman’ genes.

In regards to sexual performance, the brain works in a similar fashion. When man sees, smells, tastes, hears, touches, or is touched by ‘something sexy’, his brain ‘releases’ chemical signals aimed at enticing his sexual-reproductive organs to ‘manage the thing’ being sensed. Under brain-scan technology, known as positron-emission tomography (PET), a specific compartment in the brain illuminates during sex and orgasm; all while the five senses are (erotically) active. Interestingly, that same brain compartment, known as the ventral tegmental area, (VTA) also shows heightened activity during memory-related imagery and vision stimulation1; or when the sixth sense is active.

PET scan technology links all of the (obvious) five senses to the ‘brain / genital’ (big head/little head) connection but, more interestingly, to the often ignored or misunderstood, sixth sense. Man’s ‘sixth sense’ is summed as “his desire, erotic memories and fantasies, lust, and libido.”

In a healthy sexual context, the sheer ‘thought’ of sex ignites the same reactions that are triggered when a person is ‘physically’ engaged in sex as the genitals (gonads and penis) receive persuasive chemical messengers from the brain that stimulate sperm production, genital sensitivity and erections (to name a few reactions). It’s man’s genetic code, his original DNA programming, to be a pro-creative being. Removing religious and cultural connotations, this is man’s primary mission, other than eating, drinking, sleeping and generally seeking shelter.

Considering the mathematical success of the human race we started out with two people (or, at least as Genesis in the Bible may suggest), while today we’re at 7 billion. As God suggested we have been fruitful and have multiplied! By all accounts, man is very successful at fulfilling his genetic obligations which ‘Mother Nature’ made easy by rewarding him with extreme pleasure for just trying to ‘advance the species’.

“Everything man does is motivated by his passion to fulfill his sexual desires”

Dr. Sigmund Freud

“The Big Head or Little Head — Who’s Really in Charge?”

Many consider testosterone the king of all male hormones. However, there’s a new wave of sexual-health specialists who are rethinking a single-hormone approach to sexual enhancement. To them, several hormones need to be considered. In particular, the gonadotrophins; i.e., luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicular stimulating hormone (FSH), both of which influence genital health and performance.

The gonadotrophins are produced through a close relationship between the hypothalamus and pituitary glands; that, coincidently, influence the VTA region. Upon an erotic ‘sensation’ from any one, or all of the six senses, the hypothalamus delivers gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRh) to the pituitary. When properly received, the pituitary responds by ‘releasing’ the gonadotrophins to the genitals that (ultimately) influences testicular sperm production and penile erection; to mention two. This sequence of events is called the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, or HPTA; some replace testicular with ‘gonadal’, for HPGA, relating to both sexes; female gonads are the ovaries.

One possible reason why some ‘disappointed guys’ no longer respond to their TRT can be blamed on HPTA down-regulation with concurrent declines in the gonadotrophins. Basically, the ‘regular’ operations for the hypothalamus and pituitary have slowed or shut ‘down’, while the testicles and penis are not receiving adequate hormonal (performance) fuel.

Confusingly, many of the men who are dissatisfied with the purported sex-boosting benefits of TRT actually register mid-normal to high-normal total testosterone blood levels, say 500-600 ‘units’. However, down-regulation typically occurs when the brain ‘senses’ the presence of exogenous testosterone. When a man becomes ‘de-sensitized’ in this manner there’s a “disconnect” between his brain and genitals, and when he ‘senses’ sex is about to occur he often complains, “It just isn’t happening”.

Another reasonable hypothesis is to get a better understanding of exactly what is considered “normal” testosterone blood levels. Let’s say a man measures ‘normal’ with a 300 ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter of blood) level of total testosterone, when 250 ng/dl — 750 ng/dl is regarded as a low-to-high “range of normal” by most physicians.  However, consider that when this guy was a young whippersnapper of 21, his blood ‘T’ levels could have measured a normal of 700-1000 units. Many ‘undereducated’ examiners ignorantly inform their sexually challenged male patients, “Your testosterone levels are normal. Go home and get some rest, you’ll be perking up soon”.

However, it’s NOT this simple. These practitioners may have failed to consider this man’s ‘T’ levels are now measuring in at one-third the man he once was. Even this normal ‘T’ levels; especially those exogenously produced, are not providing satisfactory boosts in libido and erection capabilities, for way too many men.

Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than this.

Here are a few things to consider about HRT or TRT:

• Men should cycle on-and-off TRT to avoid HPTA shutdown and testicular suppression to intentionally (attempt to) reboot endogenous hormonal productions. Some rebooting techniques suggest a use of clomid, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and other (off-label, very expensive) prescription drugs that ‘trick’ the HTPA into returning to normal function2.

• Physicians must examine men with sexual performance challenges by also taking into account their lifestyle, diet, emotional, physical and financial conditions. Does this man smoke, drink alcohol or use varying medications or drugs? Is he over-caffeinated or over-stimulated? Adrenal suppression depletes a significant portion of a man’s endogenous testosterone.

• Is the man a current or former anabolic steroid user? Date shows that chronic (more than 2-5 years of steady steroid use) can permanently damage the HPTA.

• Work and emotion are so critical. Many men are physically capable of having sex but are in ‘fear of failing’ and experiencing performance anxiety. All it takes is a couple failed (sexual) experiences, (or some condescending remark from an inconsiderate mate), and men will ‘shrivel’ up and encounter the ‘turtle effect’3.

• Is the man financially stable? A man might be able to procreate, per se, but if he’s not capable of supporting his family (or himself) he may feel he is not fulfilling his other two genetic obligations that money provides; (i.e., eating and shelter)! Financially challenged men, especially at the age range from 35-65, often suffer excessive levels of stress that ‘rob them’ of much of their manhood.

• Is the man obtaining proper nourishment from healthy foods and certain supplements? Natural foods and herbs are traced back to the beginning of man, original hunters and gatherers, and who’ve kept man re-producing, and having a lot of sex, ever since. The biggest problem is a diet that is too low in essential fatty acids.

• Normal, even high-normal, blood ‘T’ levels (say 600-700) often fail to enhance many men’s sexual capabilities! You see, a single-hormone ‘sex-enhancing’ strategy may be instigating or exasperating a HPTA disturbance.

Let’s say this for sure. TRT has become BIG business. Once more, too many ill-informed prescribers are striving to propagate testosterone alone hormone to gain business and position themselves on the popular side of consumer demand. (It USED to be that growth hormone was wrongly touted as the single be-all and end-all hormone).

My conclusion to all of you is that TRT is “an infant” science. Doctors simply don’t have all the answers, yet. One thing you can be sure of, PLANET MUSCLE will continue to explore this emerging science and present it all to you!


1 The Orgasmic Mind: Martin Potter, Scientific American Mind, April/May 2008

2 Courtesy: Dr. Karlis Ullis, Santa Monica, CA

3 Courtesy: Dr. Joel Kaplan, American Board of Sexology, San Diego, CA

Written by John Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved.

John Abdo is an Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Master Fitness Trainer, co-formulator for Androzene® and author of the doctor-endorsed book Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™.

For more information please visit

This article is NOT construed as medical advice. Always seek the help of a qualified medical authority.

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Cellular Receptivity: By John Abdo

Ever wonder how one guy can down a 12-pack and (seem to) carry on a normal conversation while another guy drinks one beer and gets smashed? The science of what’s occurring inside that person’s body, and brain, is immeasurably complex but it can be deduced by a couple of different terms like: tissue sensitivity or cellular receptivity.

To take this a step further, let me introduce you to a couple of wild and ambitious guys . . .

Let’s meet Joe and Tim. These two fellows hang out with one another constantly. In fact, they’re almost inseparable. They are the same age, height and bodyweight, and they share identical goals for building up their bodies and increasing the size and strength of their muscle.

Their goals are the same: Get big, get strong, get girls.

Joe and Tim start working out together – same exercises, same routines, same foods, same supplements. Within one week, Joe increases his bench press from 185 to 205, while Tim’s doesn’t budge an ounce. Joe’s biceps grow to 16” up from 14½”, in only 3 weeks, while Tim gets a measly quarter inch gain. The pattern continues. Joe is the front-runner, and Tim lags behind. Both guys remain faithful to their regular evening workouts together; they even eat the same amount of food and pop all the same supplements.

So why is there a discrepancy between Joe’s and Tim’s results? Receptivity. Gym lingo would tell you that Joe’s muscle cells are more sensitive (or more receptive) to receiving the anabolic (muscle-growing) trigger induced by the weight training and supplements while Tim’s cells are, compared to Joe’s, more stubborn.

Tim’s cells have a quicker down-regulation reaction that limits the amount of nitrogen-rich protein, and other energy-yielding nutrients, that enter into his muscle cells. Joe’s cells, on the other hand, are allowing more muscle-building nourishment to enter into his tissues as his internal cellular receptors are reacting much differently; this is often where genetics plays its favorites.

Both guys, internally speaking, can have similar hormonal profiles, but, as stated, Joe’s tissues are simply responding better – and faster. This response is not limited to weight workouts and protein shakes. The same tissue-entering phenomenon occurs with most others foods, alcohol (remember the 12-pack guy?), caffeine, cigarette smoking, drugs (especially steroids), and all ingestible items. Each person has an internal cellular monitoring system that possesses its own levels of sensitivity, and cellular entry.

So two people who are doing the same things – eating the same foods, performing the same exercises, taking the same supplements or drugs, or drinking the same beverages (12-packs or one can of beer) – will have different rates of digestion, cellular absorption, assimilation, metabolism, and, above all, effects.

This is one of the reasons why the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requests all advertisers of diet programs and supplements list: “Individual results may vary.”

The great news in all this is that when a person relies on nourishing themselves with natural ingredients that have been harvested from Mother Nature, and are then processed under ‘standardized’ production regulations, cellular integrity is supported that can only result in positive benefits.

In conclusion, when making decisions that concern the strength, vitality and health of your body, and it’s trillions of cells, it’s wise to be patient with the process and rely on natural substances.


Written by John Abdo, please refer to the book

Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance

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HeF: Our Playboy’s nickname

It’s a Thursday night, approaching 10:00 pm. I’m slumped atop my recliner, ottoman comforting my feet, exhausted after a long day. Remote control in hand, perusing my DVR recordings. I like those storage and pawn shows. So with a few beers to hydrate myself, a can of salted mixed nuts, and a bowl of pretzels within arm’s reach, I click “Play” to watch the latest episode featuring rare Civil War relics.

The instant I stretched over to grab my second beer the phone rings, “Hey numb nuts“, that’s what my crazy-ass x-roommate, Frank, calls me when, in his mind, he thinks he’s got something extraordinary to offer me.

Franks’ quite the lady’s man, to say the least. We call him ‘HeF’; an obvious connotation to Hefner, because the initials for his nickname are HF. In our minds, he’s not just Frank, he’s Horny Frank. His lifestyle characterizes ‘Playboy’ to the truest sense of the word, and would certainly impress the real Hef.

Get your fat ass off that couch and over to Mario’s”, Frank shouts inside the crowded and loud Mario’s. “The place is packed. And Joey, Tommy and me are sitting at a bachelorette party’s table. These chicks are all already drunk, so your cheap ass doesn’t have to worry about spending a friggin penny bro!

Mario’s is a cool place to hangout. It’s quite a drive but they got cheap drinks and I can eat all the salted nuts and pretzels I want. The place always has some kinda private party going on, and the babes regularly out-number the guys.

Before I get a chance to say ‘boo’, Frank hangs up. I could tell the guys are having a great time but, to be honest, I’m getting too old for this nightlife stuff, especially during the week when I have to work the next day. But as corrupting as he is, Frank does motivate me to socialize more than I would on my own and, occasionally, we all get ‘lucky’; if you know what I mean???

If it were up to me, like Frank blurted out, I would bury my ass on my couch, drink beer and stuff my face all night till I crashed.

I’m Irish and the guys are Italian. We’re all horny, but Frank is on another level. He’s always scored with the chicks; and Joey, Tommy and me customarily end up having a blast just being part of Frank’s wild and crazy escapades.

Awhile back, even though there’s-no-way-in-this-lifetime-he-needed-it, Frank enrolled in this on-line course called ‘Pick Up Artist’; PUA for short. When he completed that course you’d think the friggin guy graduated Harvard or won the lottery. He was so gung-ho on mastering, more like proving, his new techniques. And ‘master’ he is.

I listened to Frank, cleaned up in a rush, and since I had started drinking, waved a taxi to take me to Mario’s. (That was the only money I ended up spending that night, thanks to Frank.)

Vow Wow

So I end up at Mario’s. The place is rockin; guess I’m the only person in town interested in Civil War relics. I see Joey first then Tommy. They’re both laughing hysterically pointing at the bachelorette party’s table; not ‘at’ the table, they’re pointing ‘under’ it.

As I bent over to look under the table I thought maybe one of the babes wasn’t wearing any panties and the guys wanted me to see who was showing off her beaver. But it wasn’t just a beaver, it was the bride-to-be. She was the one the guys were pointing to under the table, she was totally naked and sucking off the male stripper; great way to pay honor to her upcoming marriage???

Even though Mario’s gets really wild at times, tonight hit an all-time high. And just take a guess who the friggin stripper was? It was Frank! He sweet-talked the maid of honour into letting him be their exotic dancer; making a deal he’d strip butt naked and dance for her best friends’ bachelorette party in return for a few ‘favors’; wink, wink, wink; or as it ended up Joey, Tommy and me. Frank’s just that type of character; a master PUA, and he gets away with this type of shit all the time; while Joey, Tommy and me just forage up all the left-over’s.

When the bride-to-be is done servicing Frank he tells her, “Hey honey! You gotta take care of my brothers now.” as he points to all three of us, “This is the last time you’ll ever be able to have this much fun before you vow to a life of monogamy!

I won’t speak for Joey or Tommy, but I wasn’t going there, and Frank knew it. Even though he has as many sexual morals as you can count of one, fingerless, hand, Frank let me slide on this one. Plus, he knew Father O’Callahan would choke me silly inside the confessional on Sunday if he found out I had sex with a bride-to-be.

So, instead, Frank reluctantly agrees with me for the first time in my life and turns his attention to the maid of honour he cut his deal with. “Hey honey, it’s your turn to repay those favors you agreed to. Take care of my three little brothers for the great entertainment I’m giving your best friend and bride-to-be, and we’ll call it even!

So there I was, plumped across my recliner getting ready to learn about some rare Civil War relics, drinking beers and stuffing my face with nuts and pretzels, and I end up getting laid by the maid of honour under a table at Mario’s. This is your classic HeF story.

Our Happy Ending

It’s almost 2:00 am when the lights flicker on then off then ON; Mario’s is closing. I hitch a ride home from Frank. He was still fired up, he wanted more, “Hey, Hot Shot’s is open til 5. Let’s swing over there for a couple hours!”. I told him just to take me the f—k home; I was worn out and completely satisfied how things turned out tonight.

As we drove all he did was reminisce every little tiny detail of tonight’s bachelorette party; and when I say detail I mean ‘detail’. He bragged how terrific a PUA he was while emphasizing how great a brother he was for sharing his babes with the PUAs ‘Wingmen’. Wingmen are the PUAs low-life sidekicks who don’t have the balls to approach girls on their own but who stand in the wings; positioned off to the sides, in the background, and who ultimately get laid because they’re all in on some giant sexual conspiracy.

While we’re driving and he’s running his mouth, Frank starts to have trouble clearing his throat, his mouth and throat are obviously worn out. I tell him, “Why the f–k don’t you shut up and save your voice. You gotta get up for work too in a couple of hours.” He asks me to reach into his glove compartment and get him the box of lozenges. As I reached inside I noticed this bottle that was obviously some kind of vitamin supplement or nutritional formula. I picked it up, read the label and ask, “Frank, what’s this?”

For the first time all night Frank started muttering, pretending he desperately needs that throat lozenge; obviously not wanting me to know what he was concealing from all of us. He kept trying to divert me from asking again, using distracting gestures and trying to change the subject like pointing out the window and saying, ‘Hey bro! That’s the new Vette. It’s loaded. Fastest one Chevy’s ever made. That bitch can clock out at 200 mile per hour!

Screw you Frank. Quit changing the subject. Yohimbine? Tribulus? Epimedium? Isn’t that stuff called ‘Horney Goat Weed’ too? Like you need to get more horney!” as I read the label ingredients and try to get him to respond.

I’m asking him what this stuff is but I know what this stuff is. I’m holding the friggin bottle in my hand and just finished reading the label. My beef isn’t that I found a nutritional formula in his glove box; my beef is that Frank never told us about it. He’s breaking one of our brotherly codes of honor. He always tells Joey, Tommy and me we’re the only (three) people on the planet he tells ‘everything’ to; but he’s obviously hiding this stuff from us.

I can read Frank. Male Performance? Stamina? Energy? This label reads exactly like your resume! You never told Tommy, Joey or me about this. Some brother you are. Why are you holding out? Is this what’s making you so friggin horny all the time?

Realizing I’m not letting up and can give a shit about 200 mph Vette’s, Frank gives in a bit and discloses he’s been using this herbal formula for a little over a year. In addition to his daily protein shakes he uses this stuff to nourish his ‘other’ muscle, as he sarcastically refers to it. Frank blurts out in typical Frank style, “It’s like taking steroids for my dick and balls, but this stuff is all-natural and safe. I wanted to make sure it worked for me before I let you and the guys in on this. Does that make you happy now?

I respond, “Oh, so now you’re our crash test dummy? Your PUA course and now steroids for your family jewels are all for us? You’re so full of shit, you weren’t gonna tell us; I know it. You said you’ve been using this for over a year. How long does it take for you to know if that Italian sausage of yours is working better?

I kept laying into him because he knows I don’t eat well and have had some health issues lately. I could really use something nutritious in my life. Frank’s always digging into me for all the weight I’ve gained, how shitty I’m playing these days when we go 2-on-2 on the basketball court, and he knows I’ve lost a lot of my passion, motivation and desire.

Frank always tries to teach us his PUA techniques but they only work when you want them to work; when you have the energy and motivation to make them work. A couch potato like me isn’t ever gonna be a successful PUA. So I think I could really benefit from this stuff. It seems so simple. Just pop a pill. That’s something I’m willing to commit to, especially if it makes me feel, and perform, a fraction as good as Frank does.

Frank continues, “It helps me get hard lightning quick, and stay hard. My erections have all the babes screaming. That’s why they crave me, and my Italian sausage. And the best part is after I’m done cumming I can do it all over again. These herbs are great by themselves but when mixed together into this formula, it’s magic bro, and it does everything the label says it does, and MORE!

I ask, “How much hornier do you want to get Frank? You’ve already screwed every single girl in this town now you’re going to get us all killed by screwing the married ones.”

Correction!” Frank says, “Soon-to-be-married. She hasn’t committed to her vows yet. Father O’Callahan would let you slide for that one!

You’re sick man. Come on, tell me; where I can get this stuff? If it weren’t for you I’d be telling the guys at work later today stories about rare Civil War relics. I’m sure they’ll enjoy my HeF-at-Mario’s story much better!


By the way, I’m Mickey. An Irish Catholic who still goes to church on Sundays. I used to be an alter boy, now I’m a paltry Wingman; Frank has had more influence on my life than Father O’Callahan.

As you can tell, I enjoy boasting about the adventures we have with Frank. There’s plenty more HeF stories I’ll share with you later, but that’s the latest, and craziest one for now.

Hope I wasn’t out of line with my fowl language but trust me, Frank, Tommy and Joey are much worse.

It was nice to talk to you!


The preceding story is intended for entertainment and promotional purposes. The names are fictional while parts of the story are inspired on actual events. Although there are plenty of guys who think and act like characters depicted in this story, the producers and marketers of Androzene only advocate safe, ethical, moral and consensual sexual behavior between consenting adults.

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As Seen on TV – The Ever Popular Male Sexual Performance Pill:

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Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™

BookFrom: Ron

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009
To: John Abdo <>
Subject: Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™

Hi John,

I have read about a third of the book so far…GOOD STUFF!   Exactly what I wanted to understand.   This will be a big hit.   There are sooo many guys out there that just don’t know.   Also I was even surprised to read about the soy product affects.    Hmm.   I use soy milk with my bran flakes every day…… No dairy at all!

I’ll keep in touch.



—– Forwarded Message
From: John Abdo
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009
To: ron
Subject: Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™

Hello Ron:

The soy might not hurt you all that much, but given the reason why you’re reading my book, it would be wise to (at least) cut down a bit, and especially get the lowest fat versions you can find.  Men also need estrogen but the growers and distributors of soy have done a terrific job at marketing this product and, in my opinion, it’s over rated but, nonetheless, is a healthy natural food. You might want to try Lactose Free NonFat Milk, or brand name Lactaid, much better if your stomach tolerates it.

Little adjustments like these can help to re-set your entire metabolism.

Keep in touch. Good luck to your greater half as well!

John Abdo
Creator, Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™
From: ron
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009
To: John Abdo <>
Subject: Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™

Hi John,

Well said…. and my next purchase will be lactaid.

In further reading today…I have book marked pages 100- 103.   Testosterone…

Very interesting…wow!   The average “Joe” out there really do not have a clue about this!

As I look back on my years….  In school I was really never into sports, running, lifting,  etc..    Music and arts were more interesting to me.   Even though I tried sports…and quite clumsy at best…just wasn’t for me.  I felt bad about that ….cause my 2 older brothers (9 – 10 years my senior) were both star athlets in High School.

Could it be that levels of testosterone are less even at that early age?   I will check with my Dr and the exam results from my December 22nd checkup.


From: John Abdo
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009
To: Ron
Subject: Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™

Hey Ron:

Choosing music and arts over sports doesn’t necessarily mean lower testosterone, just preference, ambitions and, as a kid, peer influence.  Let me challenge you to ask your doctor some questions you never asked him before, now fully loaded with the information from the book. This will help you because it helps the doctor, a two-way street, and the better you communicate with him then better, and more expedient, he can treat you.

Think Up!
From: Joel
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009
To: John Abdo
Subject: Re: Ultimate Sexual Health Newsletter-Hormonal Fuel Tank

Getting into the book, so far so good. Do you suggest I get a blood test (Hormonal Fuel Tank)?

I actually made love to my wife.  I assumed I would be stronger since it had been a week, it was not. Took a while. I am not willing to tolerate it.  I have changed some of the things I eat already.

Just want to thank you again,


From: John Abdo
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009
To: Joel
Subject: Re: Ultimate Sexual Health Newsletter-Hormonal Fuel Tank

Hi Joell:

Getting a blood exam is always a wise thing to do, and will help steer you in the right direction. Utilize the discounts I’ve been able to secure with the Life Extension Foundation (see below), just give them a call and they can inform you how to proceed.

The Life Extension Foundation

Give everything a little more time, but be confident that changes are definitely being made on a cellular level, and will ultimately manifest in other areas in your body. Keep notes, and send me another email soon.  You deserve to be the absolute best you can be.

John Abdo


androzene - 90 copy

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Why are millions of men slowing down while millions of others are stuck in “pause” mode?


ANDROPAUSE is one of the newer names listed in medical dictionaries that, unfortunately, is also quickly becoming a household name. Andropause is synonymous with hypogonadism and impotence, best known for its 2-letter acronym, ED (i.e., erectile dysfunction). Andropause is a devastating and embarrassing condition that’s effecting millions of men through a down-regulation of natural sexual capabilities.

Similar to menopause in women, andropause, in general, is the weakening of a mans’ testicles, or gonads, with concurrent diminishing ability to produce testosterone and sperm. This is not a penis-only condition as it effects the entire male endocrine [or hormonal] system. Andropause relentlessly decreases the quality of a man’s life often times exerting negative consequences to their families, relationships and businesses.

The combination of two words, “andro” refers to androgen which is specific to the male hormonal or androgenic system. “Pause” is a stagnation or waning in hormonal health and genital functionality. Statistics reveal that over thirty million men in America and another 150 million-plus worldwide suffer varying degrees of andropause that manifest into a myriad of sexual disorders.

Undoubtedly reaching epidemic proportions, the bright side in all this is that there’s never been a better time in history to offer aid for those men who are slowing down or stuck in pause mode. Finally, we can say ‘Goodbye’ to the mannerisms of under-educated doctors from the past who would send our dads, uncles and granddads home with their tails between their legs. All this was after mustering up the courage to even bring up the topic in the first place. Can you imagine how powerfully nerve-racking that must of been? And to rub salt into the wound, many (most) doctors would respond by saying, “Go home Bob and get some rest. Your impotency is all in your (big) head!”.

Needless to say, men really don’t need a doctor to (officially) inform them that they’re having challenges “getting it up”; men already know that much. However, doctors are necessary to ascertain hormonal deficiencies while determining one’s overall health status both physically and psychologically. Based on all this data today’s men can easily implement strategic lifestyle modifications that boost and even “unpause” their andropause.

Suffice it to say, after decades of research into the fields of anti-aging sciences, human performance, sexuality and a countless list of others, I’m thrilled to have discovered a plethora of options for helping men restore normal sexual functionality. Viagra and its look-a-likes are modern day action-hero’s for sexually challenged men. These prescription-only drugs do have their places amongst the cornucopia of choices, but they’re synthetic, unnatural, and present an assortment of sickening side-effects, and they’re a penis-only Band-Aid that addresses the symptoms, or effects, all while ignoring the causes.

Some common causes for Andropause

  • Smoking (#1 cause)
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Stress and high blood pressure: hypertension
  • Drugs (the list is too long to post here)
  • Age-related hormone decline
  • Poor eating habits
  • Depression
  • Alcohol (excessive use)
  • Performance Anxiety: fear of failure and embarrassment

Here’s a few proven tips that will improve a man’s overall health and sexual vitality:

Admit it

It’s okay now to talk to your doctor about it. Move past all the machoism and disclose your sexual symptoms to a skilled sexual-health professional. Your big head must get squared away with this while you seek restitution of your sexual powers. Admitting any challenge or problem is the first step toward finding the solution. Even elite athletes confide in their coaches to correct weaknesses and flaws, while prudent businessmen seek wise counsel to convert struggling businesses into profitable enterprises.

Sexual Nourishment

It’s prudent to consume a higher percentage of healthy foods that support the trillions of cells in your body (and penis) with the nutrition that’s essential to function at full vitality. There’s a long list of natural supplements that reinforce our glands, hormones, and genital/reproductive anatomy, while correspondingly boosting sexual potency. It’s safer and far more potent to find a ‘formula’ that offers a mixture of numerous bio-active ingredients that circulates around the entire endocrine system than it is to rely on single ingredients. For instance, as a popular single-ingredient sex enhancer, many T-boosters are effective at boosting testosterone however they’re ineffective at preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT); an obvious imbalance. Plenty of published cases explain that men using T-Boosters, and other single-ingredient sex enhancers, experienced hair loss, enlargement of their prostate glands, acquired irreversible gynocomastia (breast-like fatty deposits around the nipples), and seeing acne pop up all over their bodies. A great formula is designed to balance your body holistically.

Working It Out

Less of artificial or mechanical means, the only way a penis can achieve an erection is through an upsurge in blood flow. Blood is the major biological component that expands and hardens the penis liken to pumping fluid into an empty balloon. Since blood is distributed throughout the body and into the penile tissues through our circulatory vessels men are encouraged to include periodic aerobic exercise into their weekly schedules. Aerobic exercise is proven to pump blood all over the body while concurrently increasing the diameter and strength of the blood vessels. Specific to erections this increases the quantities and frequencies of nutrient-filled blood that enters into the penis.

Anaerobic, or strength exercise is especially important for stimulating the secretion of healthy hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone. These hormones are naturally manufactured by the body and released through what is known as a catabolic-anabolic metabolism. On a microscopic level, anaerobic exercise literally tears apart muscle and nerve fibers. This tear-down is scientifically known as catabolism. The idea of tearing yourself apart with the objective to build yourself up is a freaky concept for many people. But once people, especially performance-driven athletes, understand why they need to intentionally induce catabolism on a regular basis they passionately strive to experience this breakdown on a frequent basis. Once the body enters into a catabolic state the body naturally switches into to a reparation-mode that heals, repairs and rebuilds damaged cells, this is called anabolism. This cycle of tear-down and build-up; better known as the metaphor “no-pain, no-gain”, is necessary for maintaining muscle and nerve integrity, and contributing to improvements in sexual functionality.

Typically, depending on age and fitness status, three to five exercise sessions per week of combined aerobic and anaerobic conditioning is sufficient for most guys to develop then sustain strong, lean, functional muscles and circulatory health. All exercise triggers the natural production of endogenous hormones in our body that contribute to sexual desire, erection firmness and duration, and orgasmic frequency.

Realistic Expectations

For decades now, anti-aging and longevity experts have been touting, with strong conviction, that the aging process can be slowed down, and even reversed. Basically, we have two ages; 1) our ‘chronological age’ and 2) our ‘biological age’.  Chronological age literally means the number of candles you poke onto your birthday cakes, or the number of years you’ve been alive. On the other hand, biological age is the true and scientifically accurate age of your organs, tissues and cells; all 75 trillion of them. So if you’re 50 years old and follow a sexual health-promoting lifestyle it’s entirely possible to re-set your hormones and sexual performance abilities by ten, even twenty-plus years. Unfortunately, you’ll still be required to poke 50 candles onto your birthday cake however your hormonal blood profiles and performance abilities will indicate a much more youthful and potent man.

I wish you great health and success!

John Abdo


BookJohn Abdo is a Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, Award-Winning Health & Fitness Expert, Award-Winning inventor of fitness equipment like The AB-DOer®, and the author of the critically-acclaimed book Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™.  John is also the co-developer of the popular male-performance formula Androzene®. For more information please visit:

This article is offered as information only and is the opinion of the author and should not be construed as medical advice.

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Protein & Sexual Health

Muscle, Weights, ProteinProtein & Sexual Health

In total, nutritional scientists claim there are 22 amino-acids (AAs) that are required by the body if a man is to live a healthy, productive and hormonally-fortified life. Of the twenty-two, 8 of these AAs are considered essential for human health. The term essential refers to the fact that it’s imperative a man consumes these (8) AAs on a consistently regular basis from food or supplemental sources, while the remaining (14) AAs can be produced, and/or synthesized, internally in the event they are not made available through external resources.

Proteins are complex molecular structures that are both fascinating and versatile. Most other nutrients contain carbon (C), oxygen (O), and hydrogen (H). Protein foods also contain COH but they uniquely possess a backbone of nitrogen (N). The more N a man’s body can obtain, and retain, the stronger and healthier he becomes.

When protein intake is adequate to meet a man’s normal daily requirements, and no more, most likely, he’ll be diagnosed as having a nitrogen equilibrium; average news. However, when that same man is deprived of adequate protein, especially the essential AAs, he’s likely to experience a negative nitrogen balance; bad news.

When a man is sick, injured, stressed or depressed, when he’s consuming too many drugs, smoking cigarettes, or being deprived of healthy nutrition, especially protein, his body innately shifts into a compensatory gear aimed to fulfill his nutritional voids and actually begins to cannibalize itself; the scientific term is catabolism, or tissue breakdown.

What’s actually occurring, on a microscopic level, is a breaking apart, or accelerated atrophying, of the body’s tissues that include the muscles, heart and lungs, and other organs. Since these body parts are storehouses composed of COHN, the body’s natural defense reaction to protein starvation is to locate its N sources by cleaving away the carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. During this process the nitrogen is extracted from internal N-supplied tissues and organs, which is then used to feed the N-deprived tissues elsewhere in the body.

This is one of the reasons why many health and sports-training experts, including myself, recommend regular consumption of high-quality protein foods and supplements on a regular basis especially when the man is training hard, competing in a sport or enduring the rigors of sustaining a financially comfortable livelihood.

To take it up to the top notch, the ideal condition for all men to obtain is a positive nitrogen balance; GREAT NEWS! This simply means his tissues are receiving more protein, and retaining more N, than what he’s deficient in, or is excreting out of his body, so at the end of the day, at the end of the week, he’s stronger and more hormonally charged.

So how does all this play a role in a man’s sexual health and performance? Well, to start, protein is necessary to nourish a man’s glands, particularly his pituitary, hypothalamus, testicles, adrenals and prostate. I could stop there but let me take it one step further and add that protein is imperative glandular nourishment that both manufacturers then secrete natural anabolic and androgenic (sexual) hormones. In particular, the hormone responsible for stimulating high levels of libido, erection strength and stamina, and overall sexual performance; that would be Testosterone, or just ‘T’ as it’s referred to today.

Continue down the internal biological pathway and we notice positive and healthy influences throughout the man’s nervous system and circulatory vessels, especially those that stimulate his genital region. And, need I say, the chief residents of that region are his prostate, testicles and penis! When healthy, they’re a great group of guys to have around!

Men are also be pleased to learn that protein is needed to manufacture nitric oxide (NO), that wonder chemical that makes erections of penis possible in the first place. When obtained naturally, NO also plays a crucial role in genital sensitivity and orgasm. (FYI: The popular prescription erection pills on the market influence NO by blocking PDE-5, the erection-destroying enzyme, but these drugs do zilch for stimulating penile sensitivity or enhancing orgasm. Odd as it might sound; a man can have an erection but may not be enjoying it because it simply is insensitive to the experience.)

In review, I have found that many men’s eating habits tend to rely on excessively high carbohydrate consumption while they are dangerously devoid of either total protein or essential proteins. Combined with proper exercise, which kick-starts a man’s natural anabolic metabolism, eating sensible amounts of protein throughout the day and week will ensure overall health that contributes greatly to a man’s sexual prowess!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

For more detailed explanations on this and other sexual-health boosting topics, please refer to John Abdo’s doctor-endorsed book, Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™. Available at


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