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Why are millions of men slowing down while millions of others are stuck in “pause” mode?


ANDROPAUSE is one of the newer names listed in medical dictionaries that, unfortunately, is also quickly becoming a household name. Andropause is synonymous with hypogonadism and impotence, best known for its 2-letter acronym, ED (i.e., erectile dysfunction). Andropause is a devastating and embarrassing condition that’s effecting millions of men through a down-regulation of natural sexual capabilities.

Similar to menopause in women, andropause, in general, is the weakening of a mans’ testicles, or gonads, with concurrent diminishing ability to produce testosterone and sperm. This is not a penis-only condition as it effects the entire male endocrine [or hormonal] system. Andropause relentlessly decreases the quality of a man’s life often times exerting negative consequences to their families, relationships and businesses.

The combination of two words, “andro” refers to androgen which is specific to the male hormonal or androgenic system. “Pause” is a stagnation or waning in hormonal health and genital functionality. Statistics reveal that over thirty million men in America and another 150 million-plus worldwide suffer varying degrees of andropause that manifest into a myriad of sexual disorders.

Undoubtedly reaching epidemic proportions, the bright side in all this is that there’s never been a better time in history to offer aid for those men who are slowing down or stuck in pause mode. Finally, we can say ‘Goodbye’ to the mannerisms of under-educated doctors from the past who would send our dads, uncles and granddads home with their tails between their legs. All this was after mustering up the courage to even bring up the topic in the first place. Can you imagine how powerfully nerve-racking that must of been? And to rub salt into the wound, many (most) doctors would respond by saying, “Go home Bob and get some rest. Your impotency is all in your (big) head!”.

Needless to say, men really don’t need a doctor to (officially) inform them that they’re having challenges “getting it up”; men already know that much. However, doctors are necessary to ascertain hormonal deficiencies while determining one’s overall health status both physically and psychologically. Based on all this data today’s men can easily implement strategic lifestyle modifications that boost and even “unpause” their andropause.

Suffice it to say, after decades of research into the fields of anti-aging sciences, human performance, sexuality and a countless list of others, I’m thrilled to have discovered a plethora of options for helping men restore normal sexual functionality. Viagra and its look-a-likes are modern day action-hero’s for sexually challenged men. These prescription-only drugs do have their places amongst the cornucopia of choices, but they’re synthetic, unnatural, and present an assortment of sickening side-effects, and they’re a penis-only Band-Aid that addresses the symptoms, or effects, all while ignoring the causes.

Some common causes for Andropause

  • Smoking (#1 cause)
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Stress and high blood pressure: hypertension
  • Drugs (the list is too long to post here)
  • Age-related hormone decline
  • Poor eating habits
  • Depression
  • Alcohol (excessive use)
  • Performance Anxiety: fear of failure and embarrassment

Here’s a few proven tips that will improve a man’s overall health and sexual vitality:

Admit it

It’s okay now to talk to your doctor about it. Move past all the machoism and disclose your sexual symptoms to a skilled sexual-health professional. Your big head must get squared away with this while you seek restitution of your sexual powers. Admitting any challenge or problem is the first step toward finding the solution. Even elite athletes confide in their coaches to correct weaknesses and flaws, while prudent businessmen seek wise counsel to convert struggling businesses into profitable enterprises.

Sexual Nourishment

It’s prudent to consume a higher percentage of healthy foods that support the trillions of cells in your body (and penis) with the nutrition that’s essential to function at full vitality. There’s a long list of natural supplements that reinforce our glands, hormones, and genital/reproductive anatomy, while correspondingly boosting sexual potency. It’s safer and far more potent to find a ‘formula’ that offers a mixture of numerous bio-active ingredients that circulates around the entire endocrine system than it is to rely on single ingredients. For instance, as a popular single-ingredient sex enhancer, many T-boosters are effective at boosting testosterone however they’re ineffective at preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT); an obvious imbalance. Plenty of published cases explain that men using T-Boosters, and other single-ingredient sex enhancers, experienced hair loss, enlargement of their prostate glands, acquired irreversible gynocomastia (breast-like fatty deposits around the nipples), and seeing acne pop up all over their bodies. A great formula is designed to balance your body holistically.

Working It Out

Less of artificial or mechanical means, the only way a penis can achieve an erection is through an upsurge in blood flow. Blood is the major biological component that expands and hardens the penis liken to pumping fluid into an empty balloon. Since blood is distributed throughout the body and into the penile tissues through our circulatory vessels men are encouraged to include periodic aerobic exercise into their weekly schedules. Aerobic exercise is proven to pump blood all over the body while concurrently increasing the diameter and strength of the blood vessels. Specific to erections this increases the quantities and frequencies of nutrient-filled blood that enters into the penis.

Anaerobic, or strength exercise is especially important for stimulating the secretion of healthy hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone. These hormones are naturally manufactured by the body and released through what is known as a catabolic-anabolic metabolism. On a microscopic level, anaerobic exercise literally tears apart muscle and nerve fibers. This tear-down is scientifically known as catabolism. The idea of tearing yourself apart with the objective to build yourself up is a freaky concept for many people. But once people, especially performance-driven athletes, understand why they need to intentionally induce catabolism on a regular basis they passionately strive to experience this breakdown on a frequent basis. Once the body enters into a catabolic state the body naturally switches into to a reparation-mode that heals, repairs and rebuilds damaged cells, this is called anabolism. This cycle of tear-down and build-up; better known as the metaphor “no-pain, no-gain”, is necessary for maintaining muscle and nerve integrity, and contributing to improvements in sexual functionality.

Typically, depending on age and fitness status, three to five exercise sessions per week of combined aerobic and anaerobic conditioning is sufficient for most guys to develop then sustain strong, lean, functional muscles and circulatory health. All exercise triggers the natural production of endogenous hormones in our body that contribute to sexual desire, erection firmness and duration, and orgasmic frequency.

Realistic Expectations

For decades now, anti-aging and longevity experts have been touting, with strong conviction, that the aging process can be slowed down, and even reversed. Basically, we have two ages; 1) our ‘chronological age’ and 2) our ‘biological age’.  Chronological age literally means the number of candles you poke onto your birthday cakes, or the number of years you’ve been alive. On the other hand, biological age is the true and scientifically accurate age of your organs, tissues and cells; all 75 trillion of them. So if you’re 50 years old and follow a sexual health-promoting lifestyle it’s entirely possible to re-set your hormones and sexual performance abilities by ten, even twenty-plus years. Unfortunately, you’ll still be required to poke 50 candles onto your birthday cake however your hormonal blood profiles and performance abilities will indicate a much more youthful and potent man.

I wish you great health and success!

John Abdo


BookJohn Abdo is a Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, Award-Winning Health & Fitness Expert, Award-Winning inventor of fitness equipment like The AB-DOer®, and the author of the critically-acclaimed book Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™.  John is also the co-developer of the popular male-performance formula Androzene®. For more information please visit:

This article is offered as information only and is the opinion of the author and should not be construed as medical advice.

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