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Does the Penis Pump Work?

Penis vacuum pumps; also called VEDs, or vacuum erection devices, have some merit for enlarging a penis. But the claims made by most marketers exaggerate or flat-out lie about “size” results, so don’t get caught up in all the hype. The benefits, however, are directed to the “health” of the penis, moreover than the “size” of the penis. Vacuum, or suction therapy draws blood into the penis at a much higher level than a natural erection. But if you’ve haven’t had a erection in sometime the old saying “Use it or lose it” will apply here. Like body building, the capillaries that deliver blood to the penis will expand and dilate when the suction is applied, taking under-conditioned capillaries, nerves and penile tissues and making then bigger and harder. In fact, many professionals, like Dr. Joel Kaplan from San Diego, California, are known to recommend VED therapy on a daily basis to many of their aging male patients just to keep a healthy surge of blood supply in the penis. So you decide the reason or reasons you wish to use a VED. Fact is, they do work but, most likely, the results may be seen in another area you didn’t originally plan for.

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