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Penis Shrinkage . . . The Turtle Effect

Unknown-2All it takes is one condescending remark, one embarrassing experience, an insecurity, or any form of fear or anxiety, and your penis can shrivel up in an instant, even when it’s typically time to be rock-hard.  Known as the “Turtle Effect“, this condition is maddening especially when a man wants to perform sexually. During this condition, the penis retracts close to the abdominal cavity as blood and nerve flow are blocked, preventing any engorgement (enlarging) of the penis and loosing all sensitivity. Radical hormones, like adrenaline, spill into the blood stream as they prepare for “fight or flight” and, unfortunately, this doesn’t help during sexual encounters. Mental training must be implemented along with physical remedies if ED and one of its causes, “performance anxiety“, is to be tackled head on. Training the “big head” is now just as, or even more, important that training the “little head”. Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™ delves deep into the psychological implications of all sexual disorders then steers up toward the remedies and cures of all emotional short-comings.

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