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Turning Your Weaknesses into Your Strengths:

_MG_0853 copyPrinciple for success in all areas of life, sports performance, fitness and overall health.

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Body Changes

Daylight Savings . . . Coming Soon!IMG_0054

March 12th marks the date that changes our time clocks, and to varying degrees, changes our internal body clocks as well.

For some, springing ahead is often easier on the body than falling back. Warmer temps and longer days (available sunlight) are two of the reasons.

As you’re approaching warmer days it’s important to revise your life plan. Simple adjustments that factor in a higher level of motivation, being able to perform more outdoor activities, warming up faster, feeling more flexible, sweating more, drinking more water, eating different foods and meals, and others you need to consider and plan for.

Follow basic principles, considering all elements, and I bet many of you will be proudly posting selfies wearing your sexiest bathing suits!

I’m A Doer®

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ab-doerFor all you Doers! Here’s the routines for the new AbDoer 360. If you’re a new Doer and/or haven’t used these programs before, please start by watching the following videos in the order in which they appear.

Also, I encourage you to record and post your own ABDOBIC motions or routines on YouTube.

Great Success!

Let’s Get Started




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Finally, after a long, extremely hot summer, we have cold(er) temperatures, and not to ignore, lots of sky-falling water!

And since my own tap water is cold again, and I’ve been freezing my own ‘everythings’ in my shower and tub, with an occasional Pacific dip, as a reminder to a post from last year, try implementing cold temperature therapy into your weekly regimens. This is an extremely advantageous practice for a variety of reasons. Let me list some of them here:

– Cold temperature increases the metabolic activity of B.A.T. cells in the body. Brown Adipose Tissue are fascinating microscopic structures that become hyper-activated when exposed to cold temperatures. Activation of BAT cells accelerates and magnifies internal fuel-burning power of the mitochondria. (Refer to my earlier posts on mitochondria for overall health, performance, fat loss and body composition.)

– Babies have higher percentages of BAT cells than do adults because babies (newborns) do not have the ability to shiver. Mother Nature is always proving how beautiful she really is.

– Hibernating animals have higher BAT cells than other animals.
Get cold, and lose fat! It’s that simple.

Just being exposed to cold environments increases BAT activity. I have worked with dozens of both Winter and Summer Olympic athletes. From my experiences, Winter Olympic athletes have had the lower rates of ailments and injuries than the Summer athletes. There are many variables in this blanket statement, but I can deduce these findings to higher levels of cellular hydration, anti-inflammatory responses, and increases in thermogenesis (caloric combustion, heat production), to name a few.

I haven’t studied these company services in detail, but on the surface it seems like the Freeze-the-Fat or Cool-Sculp television ads have a point, whether they mention BAT or not. But you could save yourself thou$and$ by getting yourself cold in your own shower or bathtub, or take a dip in natural body of water. The Pacific (as of today) is in the mid-50’s.
But wait, there’s more!

– Anti-inflamatory: Cold temperature constricts tissues reducing inflammation and, after the thaw, the circulation of blood accelerates helping improve joint mobility, muscle contractibility, and the elimination of intra-cellular toxins.

– Homeostasis, Thermogenic-responce: When the body is exposed to cold temperatures the hypothalamus (brain organ) signals a ‘treat alert’ throughout the entire body commanding natural defenses to ‘warm up’, i.e., muscles shiver, teeth chatter, and excitation of nerve fibers. All these actions create friction and cellular acceleration (molecules bouncing off one another). It’s like rubbing two sticks together to start a camp fire or stirring boiling water.
FREEZE EASE: Brain ‘and’ Brawn:

Strengthening your mentally for the ‘cold plunge’ triggers incredible psychological benefits . . .

The pituitary and hypothalamus are ‘sensory’ brain organs. They (the mind) are always ‘sensing’ surrounding environments and circumstances endlessly gauging how to prepare the body to embark on change; any kind of change. The change here just happens to be plunging into cold temperatures. And any/all change is purely a shift in thought or belief.

A percentage of our population prefers and/or is only comfortable with slow transitions with many things in their lives. Instant cold is too dramatic and rapid a change for many/most, so the natural responce is to resist quick/spontaneous changes.

However, since hypothermia is not an everyday treat like it was for our caveman relatives; and programmed into our DNA just like our other ‘fat genes’, learning to enjoy a cold plunge, and enforcing a willing enthusiastic attitude every time you plunge, reprograms the brain, specifically the compartment that orchestrates change.

Although this exercise (on the surface) may seem to be purely physical, developing a rapid ready-for-change mindset that applies to other unexpected circumstances in life can be acquired with this practice.

Being forced to change quickly often creates resistance. And many changes paralyze the mind.

So in addition to the physical benefits, getting cold is also beneficial for the intellectual and emotional centers of the mind.
I cannot conclude without answering the question I’ve been hearing you asking me…

“So how long do I have to get cold John?”

My answer, “As long as you can tolerate.”

You reply, ‘Come on John Abdo, that’s all you can tell me?”

Me, “Okay, I read somewhere that you can get cold-temperature benefits in as little as 10 seconds in a cold shower…”

You say, “WOW! I think I can do that!”

Me, “Try it out. Daily is great. Consistency is the key. Take note of how super fantastic you feel ‘after’ cold therapy. Combined with your activities and eating, monitor your fat percentages, strength, flexibility, coordination. Eliminate (with the goal to forget) any mental resistance. Get cold on an empty stomach. Drink cold water after your cold plunge. Dress warm to contain heat and allow pores to close. Getting cold helps you get hot!”
Of course, this topic is a lot more complicated than listed here, but I wanted to remind you of the benefits of cold temperature therapy.

Body aside, most importantly, you’ll develop a stronger mindset earning the ability to make life-changing decisions, instantaneously. No more ‘Maybe, Maybe Not’.

“A miracle is only a miracle because the change happens instantaneously. However, if the exact same outcome or change happened slowly over time, it goes unappreciated because many minds cannot comprehend instantaneous as a natural human faculty. All occurances are miracles, even grass growing…”

I’m a Doer!

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Abdominal Seminar – AbDoer

IMG_0054An esteemed group of Professional Fitness Trainers visit with Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach,  John Abdo, to learn alternative methods they can incorporate into the routines for their fitness students and athletes, and gain greater understanding of how AbDoer® technology can be utilized to accomplish the following objectives…

Fat-Burning & Muscle Toning

Aerobic Conditioning

Spinal Support & Mobility

Coordination & Balance

Core-Torso Functionality


and MUCH More!

Click on video below to watch….


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AbDoer® 360

The Most Technologically-Advanced AbDoer, EVER!360-female-full

Award-Winning Since 1997

Millions Sold Globally

World’s First Midsection Aerobic Machine

Total Home Fitness System!

Achieve six-pack abs, trimmer obliques, a stronger shapely back, and MORE!

John Abdo’s worldwide sensation, AbDoer®, was released in 1997 and is still being used by millions around the world to trim off waistline fat, improve back strength and flexibility, and provide dynamic aerobic workouts with the exclusive fat-burning muscle-toning system called ABDOBICS™, Abdominal Aerobics™!

Some Features & Benefits

  • Burns Abdominal Fat, Fast!
  • Boosts Aerobic Stamina!
  • Enhances Muscle Tone & Coordination!
  • Improves Spinal/Core Strength & Flexibility!abdoer-360-wjohn-abdo
  • Provides Exhilarating Massage!
  • Removes Pressure Off The Spinal Column, Hips & Knees!
  • Award-Winning, Clinically-Proven Fitness System!

AbDoer® 360 is an incredibly fun, diverse and challenging fitness system. Just sit on the
newly engineered Dynamic Fluidity Seat and wiggle your body into its best shape EVER

Comes with:

  • Dynamic Fluidity Seat
  • Core Support Column
  • Dual-Acting Massage Rollers
  • Contouring Arm bars
  • Dynamic Grip Handles
  • Do N.O.T. Diet™ Eating Plan
  • MANUAL with Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines
  • Foldable Base
  • Three ABDOBIC™ Workout Routines on one DVD

AB-Doer® 360 combines 7 machines into one:

  1. Aerobic (fat burning)
  2. Muscle Toningfull-units-parts-names
  3. Flexibility
  4. Spinal (back) mobility
  5. Posture
  6. Balance & Coordination
  7. Massage



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Ultimate Sexual Health – Review

Sex Health

Ultimate Performance



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Meet Sue: An American Woman

xxxxxxAs a popular kid growing up, Sue was always spunky and outgoing. She was raised in a middleclass neighborhood and always received good grades in grammar school and high school. (She never went to college.) Sue wasn’t what you’d exactly define as promiscuous, however she enjoyed sex with the right man, got turned on easily, and never had a problem achieving an orgasm.

Mr. Right came walking into Sue’s life one evening when she was 26 years old; his name was Bob. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Sue was working two jobs to pay her rent and car loan – along with all those other expenses single women spend their money on. She was growing weary of the dating and bar scene, and wanted to settle down and have children of her own. Sue felt that if she didn’t start planning right away she’d be looking back on her life in later years regretting how she spent her time growing up as a young adult.

Bob and Sue hit it off. In addition to having a lot in common – socially and intellectually – they were made for one another sexually. In fact, they couldn’t get enough of each other. They started living together only three months after they met. They made love daily, sometimes more than you could count on one hand.

Sue was delighted that Bob, like her, wanted to settle down and begin a family, so they officially tied the knot. The family of Bob and Sue began.

FIVE YEARS LATER: Bob and Sue are now the parents of two beautiful children, a four-year old and a two-and-a-half year old. Bob’s the old-fashioned type. He wanted Sue to be a stay-at-home mom, a mutual understanding.

Even though their sexual intimacy became less frequent (kids do get in the way), Bob and Sue always enjoyed great pleasure when they did have sex; making up for less quantity by assuring their (alone) time was spiced with high quality. But one day, for no apparent reason, a slight shift in Sue’s energy occurred.

Shortly after the kids were put to sleep, and Bob saw his opportunity to bring his wife into the bedroom for everything but sleep, Sue wasn’t in the mood. Despite her lackluster passion, she went ahead and had sex with Bob anyway. But this time, the exchange of pleasure was not mutual. In fact, Sue didn’t climax. Bob was oblivious while Sue was shocked by her unusual and uncharacteristic mood. Making love to the man she loved didn’t interest her, nor did it feel good. Sue didn’t sleep well that night.

Sue’s unusual feelings persisted, and she began to dwell on it – a lot. The more she thought about it, the more she started to trace things backward. Sue was equally as active at initiating sex with Bob as he had always been with her. But she was alarmed that for the better part of that year she was not initiating sex with Bob like she used to. As time progressed, Sue stopped initiating sex with Bob all together.

Confusing thoughts tossed back and forth in Sue’s head like a slow tennis match, while she tried to convince herself that she was simply burnt out and, like most women her age, was simply getting older. Perhaps she was more focused on the kids getting better grades in school, maintaining an organized household, and the fact that both her parents were facing aging challenges. But as the months progressed, that slow tennis match turned into a constant fluttering of disturbing emotions that started resembling an Olympic-level table tennis competition. The mental fluttering consumed Sue’s mind causing the early (and rapidly progressing) stages of depression.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: In spite of what seemed to be a match-made-in-heaven, Sue’s now divorced to Bob, and in her mid-thirties. The breakup was painful, while the final stages of their marriage were emotionally traumatizing. When Sue somehow lost interest in having sex with Bob, she did what many women do; she believed she was just getting older. She was taught that as a woman aged she was supposed to decline in sensuality and sexuality. The symptoms of lost sexual desire, lack of vaginal lubrication, painful intercourse, and even complete orgasmic failure, to name a few, became Sue’s new identities and, although frustrating and painful, she (reluctantly) regarded these symptoms as normal and natural.

At first, Bob was okay with Sue’s lack of desire. He understood she had her hands full with the kids, the house, and her parents. But his gnawing frustration eventually caused an emotional outbreak, and Bob couldn’t contain how irritated he had become. At first, and for many months afterward, Bob wasn’t saying anything. He didn’t need to because his body language was screaming things like: “Where did my wife go?” “I have needs too!”  “Can I please get some (sexual) attention here?”

Eventually, the inner chattering silently screaming inside Bob’s head escalated into bickering, then all-out verbal abuse that, sad to say, initiated the beginning of the end for Bob and Sue. The couple reluctantly went on living together for as long as they could tolerate, kids do hold parents together. But Sue would tell you that it seemed like there was an invisible concrete wall running down the center of their lives. Even as they slept side by side, that wall ran right down the middle of their bed. The verbal abuse, physical and emotional separation, not to mention their lack of sexual expression, had reached its breaking point. That was certainly not the type of climax they enjoyed.

Sue didn’t have an inkling as to what had turned off her desire and pleasure for sex. But when you examine Sue (psychologically and physiologically), you see two very different people – a sexually-invigorated Sue who was excited about her upcoming marriage, then a stressed-out Sue who was struggling to raise her family (a short) five years later. Analyzing the psycho-physiological data, and committing to an expertly designed protocol, the changes that caused Sue’s sexual demise are, according to Dr. Ann Marie Toomey, OB/Gyn, Hormone Specialist, Fertility & Sexual Health Counselor from San Luis Obispo, CA, accurately identifiable and successfully treatable.

Sue’s a great person, but she’s far from self-respectful. She was gaining weight consistently since her last child, and she started to dress differently to conceal her body. Her inside feelings surfaced on the outside; she was the one building that concrete wall. Not only wasn’t he able to feel his wife, Bob was having difficulty seeing her as she was always covered up. On many occasions, Bob frequently blurted out sarcastic remarks about Sue’s enlarging hips, thighs, and buttocks, directly to Sue and, many times, in front of the kids and friends. Hearing this only made Sue crawl deeper into her depression, while sticking her hands deeper into the cookie jar to gain (at least) some satisfaction in her life. It was a vicious cycle.

The fact that Sue always smoked cigarettes wasn’t helping the situation either. And let’s be honest, her eating habits stunk. (I wasn’t exaggerating about the cookie jar.) Her diet was totally devoid of even the minimum of nutritional requirements she needed. Sue was burnt out, stressed out, worn out, confused, depressed, and broken. And according to many experts, when you’re under stress hormonal deficiencies (inevitably) ensue.

According to statistics, there are millions of Sues in America – and millions more around the world. A study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology reported that 44.2% of 40,000 women surveyed were experiencing either low sexual desire or orgasm difficulties. According to a report by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Obstetrics & Gynecology, 43.1% of 31,581 females also reported sexualproblems pertaining to desire, arousal, and orgasm.

In addition to her ever-increasing depression, the mindset Sue relied upon to determine the cause of her problem was old school; she just figured that aging women inevitably lost their sensuality and sexuality. She assumed that her happy, healthy, sexy days were left to memory. But, according to many modern day sexual-health experts, like Dr. Tommey, nothing could be further from the truth. “Modern sexual science has become extremely effective at diagnosing, treating, and even curing sexual disorders in women, no matter what their age.”, states Tommey.

—- End —

Written By John Abdo: Taken from the book ‘Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™’: John Abdo is a former Olympic coach, Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, Award-Winning Health & Fitness Expert, and the author of the doctor-endorsed book Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™.

For more information please visit:

This article is offered as information only and is the opinion of the author and should not be construed as medical advice.

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