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Hormones and Age

UnknownADAM: Yet another nickname for ED

This acronym represents Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males, as age-related hormonal decline is a fact of life. Levels of all hormones start to drop with age. Longevity specialists who are also skilled in resetting declining hormones claim that after the age of 25, the decline begins. Depending on lifestyle and mindset, this decline continues until the day we pass. However, keeping an eye on our internal hormonal status is critical for maintaining “that youthful glow” as we continue to mature, making it possible to enjoy sex for much longer than normal.

(Excerpt taken from Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved)

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What are the Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

imagesMany may believe that Erectile Dysfunction, aka, ED, is a penis condition. And if they’re regarding this disorder as a lack of obtaining, or maintaining, an erection, basically, they’re right. But was “causes” ED to happen in the first place? This is the prudent question to ask, then address.

Surprisingly, medical sciences haven’t known, or seemed to want to know, the answer to this question that’s been asked by men throughout the ages. A majority of doctors along with what seems to be the entire medical community, disappointingly, have historically ignored male sexuality on one basic premise; in lieu of the “grand scheme” of things, man only contributes, on average, 2-3 minutes of effort in the pro-creative (or making babies) process. What this means is that, time-wise, a male ejaculates quickly planting the baby-making sperm into a female. However, once the sperm has been planted, and the female has been inseminated, the woman’s role in the pro-creative process requires over 9 months of carrying a quickly-enlarging baby inside her body, and succumbing to a plethora of social, personal and occupational sacrifices, in addition to the pains and discomfort of labor, and the time is takes her to recover during the post-partum period.

Medical sexual sciences now know better. They are advancing quickly these days, and mostly because men are whining and complaining about their faltering bedroom performances. We now know that there are many “causes” for ED including those that originate from emotional, neurological, circulatory, endocrinolgical, and (poor) lifestyle reasons.

If you’re relying on a prescription erection pill to perk up your “little Willy”, chances are you’ll get a (temporary) erection but you’re doing nothing to address the “cause(s)” of your condition, and by sheer statistical data, you’ll be making your problem worse.

Be prudent and address both the “causes” and “symptoms” of any of your health challenges, especially those that relate to your hormones, glands, testicles, penis’, prostates!

In the book, Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, author, John Abdo, explains all of the causes for ED, and other sexual disorders, while explaining, in detail, how ED is “only” a symptom and should be treated, and cured, according to that premise.

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Why Sex is Healthy

ssssssStats & Facts: (Excerpts taken from “Mind Over Matter”; Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved)

Your sex life has a great impact on your physical health. Everything is active during sex – your brain, nervous system, muscles, heart, circulation, thermogenics (body heat), lungs and respiration, hormone production, perspiration, and more…

Sex requires a degree of physical effort, often burning as many calories as you would burn running 15 minutes on a treadmill. That would come out to about 200 calories. Who needs a health club membership?

People who have frequent sex and orgasms are less violent and less hostile than those who don’t.

A study found that frequent ejaculation between the ages of 20 and 50 helps to dramatically decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, more accounts that prove how healthy sex is. If you’re not getting enough lately do what it takes within legal, moral and ethical means to get your fair share of Mother Natures’ gift to mankind; sex!

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Female Sexual Disorder (FSD)

ooooWomen who are experiencing any one of the many female sexual disorders often regard them as normal. Dr. Tommey, OBGyn and Sex-Health expert, believes that the priming a woman receives growing up (and through our modern culture) makes her accept (or tolerate) depleting levels of health and sexuality that she once enjoyed during her younger years. Women are brainwashed into believing that as they age, they concurrently (inevitably) become less of a female (on a sensuous level). They start believing that their loss of sexual arousal, vaginal de-sensitivity, discomfort, and their inability for reproduction are normal and natural parts of the aging process that they must learn to accept. Okay, reproduction ceases with advanced age, but sexual pleasure can last well into a woman’s Golden Years!

(Excerpt taken from “Mind Over Matter”; Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved)

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Sex on the Brain

Sex AddictYou’ve probably heard that most men “think with their little heads”, and if that means men are always motivated by sex, then that saying is accurate. Sex is man’s procreative genetic programming mechanism that dates back to our origin, and has fuel man ever since. Without sex man would not be here, nor could I be writing this. Remove its religious and cultural misunderstandings, and man must create, otherwise the human race would become extent.  The brain is wired in such a way that it is intimately linked to the reproductive organs, and that includes the testicles, prostate and penis.  This might sound like a treatise for pro-creation, and basically it is, but man’s sexual procreative expression is rewarded by Mother Nature as indicated by the extreme pleasure we receive (men and women) during the entire sexual experience, especially climaxes (aka, orgasm).  Many specially skilled sex-health scientists believe that the pleasure we obtain from sex has, and will continue to motivate man to have sex, make more babies, and keep advancing the human race. A survival code for all species, sex, along with eating and shelter, is what makes a man fulfill his natural obligations and maintain his true identity.  Obviously, it’s working as we’ll be approaching 10 billion people living on this planet in the next half century, or sooner. So when the “big head” thinks about sex, the “little head” is genetically programmed to respond, and is also rewarded with a lot of pleasure.

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Performance Anxiety – Fear of Failure

PEIf there ever was “sure thing” for killing an erection, you can point all your fingers at the emotional, psychological and mental condition known as Performance Anxiety; AKA, Fear of Failure.

When a man enters into a state of anxiety or fear, his brain quickly responds, protecting that man by searching for ways to ensure safety, security and defense, and – of course – victory over threat. Thoughts of fear cripple a man’s ability to achieve an erection because fearful situations ignite a fight or flight response, preparing him to either put up his fists and duke it out, or run as fast as he can to escape a dangerous confrontation. Fearful or fighting situations have never been overcome with a hard penis. Instead, the brain is preparing the body to actually put up a physical fight as adrenaline pours into the bloodstream, making the heart race to pump blood to the fighting tissues; the lungs huff and puff to provide the organs with a higher demand of oxygen; and the major muscles tense (the penis is not one of them) so they can contract as strongly and as explosively as possible to defend themselves in dire situations.

Book(Excerpt taken from “Mind Over Matter”; Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved)

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Sexual Desire – Libido

Sexual desire, lust, libido, or as Sigmund Freud referred to it as, id, is the psychological mechanism inside a person’s brain that triggers the desire and need for sexual expression. When a person’s brain is healthy, so is their sexual desire. Millions of men, and millions of women, experience loss of sexual desire, also known as sexual arousal disorder, or SAD, which can be traced to imbalances in brain chemistry, particularly from the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Many people may, in fact, be okay “physically” in regards to their sexual capacities however it’s their mental health that destroys complete and satisfying sexual experiences. When seeking ways to solve sexual disorders it’s wise to look at all the possible “causes” so all the symptoms can cease and normal, healthy sexuality can ensue.

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Bigger Testicles

TesticlesMany men are concerned about the size of their penis’, and they also show a high degree of concern about their testicular dimensions.  In fact, the bigger the balls, the bigger the man — it’s been that way since man first arrived here on planet earth. If you’ve been diagnosed to be hypogondal, or simply have an unhealthy lifestyle, or have entered into that stage (age) of life which produces less hormones than your younger years, or you’re using anabolic steroids, you know all too well that your balls shrink during these conditions.  There are several techniques known to boost testicular size. The easiest is to abstain from masturbation, as many guys simply jack-off too frequently, and this will diminish sperm count and, consequently, can reduce testicular size — your balls become drained.  Another technique is to actually shove your nuts into a penis vacuum device (not joking) and pump them up while you’re pumping up your penis (please learn proper methods for penis and testicular suction before attempting). A injectable drug named human chorionic gonadotrophin, or HCG, which must be prescribed by a doctor, triggers the release of leutinizing hormone from the pituitary gland that ultimately influences the leydig cells inside the testicles.  The leydig cells manufacture testosterone, and when they are hyper-activated, it’s commonly experienced that testicular cells swell. There’s also over-the-counter pills and potions you can use, like velvet antler  and others, and they all will have similar benefits, but to varying degrees. Please know, however, that individual results will vary and that medical supervision is always suggested especially when you’re trying to tinker with your family jewels.


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Penis Shrinkage . . . The Turtle Effect

Unknown-2All it takes is one condescending remark, one embarrassing experience, an insecurity, or any form of fear or anxiety, and your penis can shrivel up in an instant, even when it’s typically time to be rock-hard.  Known as the “Turtle Effect“, this condition is maddening especially when a man wants to perform sexually. During this condition, the penis retracts close to the abdominal cavity as blood and nerve flow are blocked, preventing any engorgement (enlarging) of the penis and loosing all sensitivity. Radical hormones, like adrenaline, spill into the blood stream as they prepare for “fight or flight” and, unfortunately, this doesn’t help during sexual encounters. Mental training must be implemented along with physical remedies if ED and one of its causes, “performance anxiety“, is to be tackled head on. Training the “big head” is now just as, or even more, important that training the “little head”. Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™ delves deep into the psychological implications of all sexual disorders then steers up toward the remedies and cures of all emotional short-comings.

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What is Your Sexual Health Status?

John & Hostess:AbsMen’s, and women’s, sexual health is in trouble. Declining hormones are the result of a stress-filled life, while financial worries, body weight issues, lifestyle habits and many others add to the mix. Like anything else that’s “broken”, sexual health can be fixed; you just need to know what to do and when to do it. Unfortunately, the majority of our modern medical communities haven’t had sufficient education on this area; i.e., sex for pleasure and sex for health. Delve into this blog to learn the treatments, remedies and proven cures for all types of sexual disorders, while boosting normal sexuality to an entirely new level!

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