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It’s Mind over Matter; and your life ‘is’ the matter! 5-Step Success Plan

BSMGetting, and keeping yourself motivated to consistently improve in life; whether it’s in business, fitness, family, or all of life, is often a wrestling match even the elite experience from time to time. But don’t ever consider throwing in the towel when ‘tough’ times are upon you, as there are plenty of proven solutions that ensure success, and they’re closer than you think!

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do!

As a health, fitness and Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach my profession extends beyond instructing physical exercises and sports performance skills. Great coaches must also integrate a variety of mental conditioning tools that inspire, educate, and motivate each of their athletes. These mental instruments are designed to train the MIND so the athletes (and students) can then train their bodies for higher and higher levels of achievement. These techniques are not confined to athletic enhancement; they apply to all goal-driven motives. However, in today’s fast-paced society too many people are approaching their transformational quests with an incorrect frame of mind, and this leads to failure.

As a prime example, let’s take two people who come into my gym to workout. Both are the same age, sex, and bodyweight, and have similar skill-sets and lifestyles. One guy approaches me “John, I have to get into shape. My doctor is demanding it”. The other fellow says, “Hey John, I want to get into great shape! Just tell me everything I need to do?

Of the two, the ‘have to’ guy or the ‘want to’ one, which ‘mindset’ would you place your bets on?

Body, sports, business or life, mental fuel comes in a variety of grades. And if a person desires high levels of achievement they must function with ‘high-performance fuel’ as the ‘mental’ energy charging their exertions, and this ‘between-the-ears’ focus is what makes a dramatic difference between success and failure. The ‘high-performance fuel’ I’m referring to is ambition, desire, and passion! Want to, not have to!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

It’s no surprise that there really is a mind-body-life connection. So when I declare the solutions are closer than you think, the answers that yield ultimate levels of achievement and success are (literally) located inside your (intangible) Mind; while your body and your manifested life can be regarded as the (tangible) Matter.

When the mind is properly conditioned; energized with ‘want to’ motivational powers and desires, one can enthusiastically, and confidently, approach their tasks, challenges, obstacles and goals with that “For Sure” attitude. They literally engineer their lives from the Inside-Out, and nothing stands in their way. Over time, that person continuously unleashes their truest potentials, a gift they always possessed but just needed to stay-the-course  until it was set free.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

5-Step Success Plan that REALLY WORKS!

STEP 1: Define your mental attitude. Do you resemble the ‘have to’ person or a ‘want to’ one? This is the first thing step you MUST establish, because it really is Mind over Matter. Once this seed principle is firmly implanted into your consciousness the success you’ve been striving for, and deserve, is not only possible, it’s inevitable!

STEP 2: Everyday—literally, you must write out your goals onto a sheet of paper. Make certain you write from an ‘already-acquired’ viewpoint, such as “I am a strong person” or “Everyday, in every way, I am better and better!” Something magical happens when the brain can generate a thought that physically, and visually, gets recorded onto paper.

STEP 3: Everyday, after you write down your goals, you must read them out loud. Again, there’s a phenomenon that occurs when you profess what you’re envisioning to manifest in your life. Simply hoping, or silently thinking or wishing for a goal to manifest has little or no stimulating power. Stand up, assume the role of your own coach and motivator, and say aloud, with conviction, “Everyday, in every way, I am better and better!” Affirmational vibrations connect with, and influence Universal Consciousness.

STEP 4: Write out two more lists; the first itemizes all of the things you need to do to obtain your goals, and the second list outlines all of the things you must avoid and/or eliminate that are standing in your way.

STEP 5: Make a date with yourself: Treat yourself every week to a positive engagement. Donate time to a pet adoption center. Visit a nursing home and hug an elderly person. Reach out and counsel confused kids and their parents. As you continue to improve in your own life you must ‘give back’ by inspiring, motivating and guiding others along their own life’s journey.

– – – – – – – – – – – –


Everybody, even the elite, experience tough times and often fall off track. It’s not that they fell off track that matters but how fast they get back up and move onward that counts. Be a champion. People love and admire success stories and heroes. Prove to yourself that you possess the skills, drive and motivation to obtain your goals, in spite of any setbacks. Develop the confidence; ego if you may, that failure is not an option. If you do fall off track, don’t stay there long. Just stand back up, dust yourself off, lift your chin and chest, kick yourself in the buttocks, then re-GO for it all over again. Remember, you are your own coach, motivator, and disciplinarian. Nobody is going to do it for you, that’s you’re responsibility. You are a success that’s always in the making!

Finally, investing in yourself pays huge dividends now and forever. Make up you ‘mind’ then watch your body and life (‘matter’) mold into the image your thoughts have impressed into your psyche. You and the world surrounding you are a much greater place because of YOU! Do it!

Think Up™ – Keep the Passion!

John Abdo


John Abdo is an Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Master Fitness Trainer, Life Motivator and author of numerous books and articles. For more information please visit

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Artificial Sex: Tony & Jody

False Start to a Natural Beginning

My boyfriend and I met a little over 8 months ago. I was at a local coffee shop with my friends listening to ‘open mic nite’. The music and atmosphere were ideal for romance. He caught my eye, and he always tells me, I caught his. Somehow, we ended up sitting next to one another ~.

Tony was drinking an energy drink while I was having one of my usual pomegranate and green tea combos; I’m one of those health-conscious gals, and read about it as often as I can.

After the music ended we talked for about an hour and I typed my number into his cell; of course he asked for it first. I had just gotten out of a heart-breaking relationship and was missing a male companion. Tony seemed sincere, educated, and ambitious, and not that this should be mentioned last, very good looking.

I’m not what you’d define a promiscuous girl by today’s standards, but I do enjoy sex, especially with a man I’m attracted to, inside and out.

Tony text’d me the next day. It was short and charming, and it hit my sweet spot. We both agreed we’d like to see each other again, and just feel things out.

The Stars Were Aligning: Tony and I arranged a date for that upcoming Saturday night but said he wanted to pick me up in the afternoon so we could have a double date; one in the afternoon then another at night; that seemed cool to me.

Tony told me to prepare myself for lot of action in the afternoon, explaining what we should pack and how we should dress. Gym shoes, workout pants or some old loose-fitting jeans, T-shirt, hat or visor, and sunglasses. I didn’t know what he was planning but I like surprises.

He showed up at my apartment with this little cuddly stuffed animal that he even named. It was the cutest thing, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this; I started to feel a surge of sexual energy circulating throughout my body. Tony and ‘cuddles’ were turning me on.

We drove an hour into the hills North of the San Fernando Valley then down a long winding two-lane country road. It was dark for daytime. Giant trees towered both sides of the road blocking the sun. We turned onto this open-gated driveway that was also long, narrow and desolate. Eventually the road opened up into this panoramic prairie that offered breath-taking views of the foothills and surrounding forests; sunlight now squinting my eyes. Barns and stables and all sorts of farm equipment and tractors. Our destination was an old, well-maintained horse ranch; confirmed by the smell as we got out of Tony’s car.

That day was magical. The horseback riding and mountainous scenery were more than enough. But Tony had yet another surprise, a specially catered lunch tucked deep in a secluded part of the ranch that was beyond what I’ve ever seen in a movie or read about in one of my romance novels. Ensuing munching and smooching; I won’t get into details; but you can use your imagination (wink wink).

As we got back into his car to head out and commence “Phase II of our hot date”; that’s how Tony, jokingly, put it, he told me that we’ll be going to his place for a quick shower and change of clothes then head out for more adventures as the sky transitioned from sun-lit to a lunar glaze. Tony said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet babe!” in a cute slightly sarcastic tone of voice.

Tony has a beautiful condo in Redondo Beach with views of the ocean. As I walked inside I have to admit I felt a bit intimidated; just a bit (hint hint). This place resembled your typical bachelor’s pad. I sensed other women had been on his couch, in his bathroom and shower, and on his bed. But I was mature enough to tame my (insecure) thoughts and just enjoy the ‘moment’; that’s exactly what I did, making sure all pre-conceived notions were purged from my mind.

Tony said, “Hey, why don’t you jump in the shower first while I’ll gather up some of my things first then I’ll shower after you.”

That sounded like another mini-part of Tony’s plan, so I asked, “Where are your towels and hair dryer?”

Surprise – Surprise: No more than two minutes after I was already in the shower, in comes Tony. And it wasn’t for him to “gather up some of HIS things first”. He was stark naked, semi-erect, and had a ‘cute slightly sarcastic’ smirk on his face. He slid the shower curtain open, and proceeded to step right on in and commence Part 2 of his smooching plan!

I didn’t say a word because I seemed to have growled instead, “Get in here you gorgeous sexy Manimal; I need you now!” I was turned on hours ago when we were breathing horse manure and playing with a cute little stuffed animal. Now, with him right there in front of me, naked, I just fantasized that that shower was the break away water under Niagara Falls. We ended up doing it; never making it out to dinner.

(I can’t believe I didn’t put two-and-two together when he never laid out what clothing I should bring for dinner. Daaa!)

That’s how Tony and I started our relationship; within hours of first sight. For the next five months it was all fireworks. Every date was something fun, something romantic, and something sexy.

Needless to say, we started to see each other a lot. Plenty of times I stayed the night, and on a few different occasions the entire weekend. We were making love more much frequently as the weeks and months advanced, and I was really enjoying every second of it; until . . .

. . . until one day. Tony and I were alone together in his bedroom when I noticed he was distant from me. Not physically distant, just distant. A woman can sense those things. When I reached out to touch him he, nor his penis, were responding as usual. Normally, he’d embrace me in an instant and we’d hug and kiss, and I could feel him getting hard as he rubbed up against me. Many of these ‘touch and go’ moments resulted in mutual orgasm but this time it was going nowhere, more like ‘touch and no’.

Long story short: What I didn’t know about Tony, and what came as a complete shock to me, was that he was using prescription erection pills every time before we had sex. I know I admitted that ‘a woman can sense those things’ but this one flew completely over my head. Guess I should of paid attention to some of my pre-conceived notions after all.

But now, in retrospect, I can see it clearly. His eyes were always bloodshot. He always had a stuffy nose. On numerous occasions he couldn’t ejaculate, no matter how hard I tried to pleasure him. I noticed it took him much longer to get excited after we’d already had our first orgasm for that day and he became more and more dispassionate the second time around, even non-responsive.

The tipping point was one night, right in the middle when we were having intercourse, he upped and jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom; I heard him vomiting through the walls.

Vomiting! We don’t drink. We eat good. We’re both reasonably healthy. So how could he get nauseous and start vomiting when he’s having sex? Daaaa! My senses, nor my pre-conceived notions, recognized that one.

I was devastated and felt violated. Was I being romanced and made love to by a robot? A guy isn’t real to me if he’s using drugs; especially drugs that ‘make’ him perform. Men having to use erection drugs, and especially hiding them as their little secret, are artificial, phony, and unnatural; it’s wrong. And what adds fuel to the fire is the fact that he hid this from me and I’ll never know if he was ever planning to let me know on his own initiative, or if he planned to keep a secret of Tony’s false truth.

I took all this personally. It snipped a huge chunk out of my heart. Having something like that hidden from me, especially from a man I’m sleeping with, is a crushing blow to my womanhood. My mind has been racing ever since; a barrage of questions festering inside me with what-if and how-could-he scenarios, false justifications; it’s intoxicating.

Wasn’t I pretty enough? Was there something about my body, or my vagina, he didn’t like? Don’t I make him feel good, just by being me? Wasn’t he attracted enough to me to be romantic, on his own? To get an erection, on his own? To be a man, on his own?

Frantically driven for answers and explanations I began to read up on the field of sexual health, especially men’s, a subject I always took for granted.

What I discovered, within the first few seconds searching the topic on-line, is that millions of men use prescription erection pills all clearly aware there are plenty of associated risks. Men use these drugs for one of two basic reasons; because they want to perform better in the bedroom or have lost their desire and natural ability to perform sexually and they just want to make sure they don’t fail.

My question is, ‘which of those two reasons explains why Tony uses prescription erection pills before having sex with me?

I’m a calm kind person but this one really pissed me off, mostly because I was so naïve and hurt, down to my feminine core. But with my ongoing research, and a few discussions with my level-minded friends, I gathered a bit of clarity into an entirely new aspect of human health and sexuality.

One thing I’ve learned is that there are natural, safe and healthy alternatives that provide similar or identical results as do ‘all’ those dangerous, sickening, prescription erection pills. And not only are these all-natural ‘alternatives’ to be considered alternatives in the literal sense, they also provide a countless list of other healthy benefits by nourishing a man’s entire endocrine or sexual-reproductive system that includes the sex-centers in his brain, his penis, prostate and testicles, helps to boost natural levels of hormones, like testosterone, and even provides healthy benefits to his heart and circulatory system.

After my blood pressure returned to normal, and having a better understanding of why men use these drugs, I confronted Tony face-to-face. I looked him directly in the eyes and told him I knew what he was doing. I asked him how he could withhold such an intimate thing from me. I told him I felt violated and that my self-esteem has dropped to its lowest level, ever. I couldn’t contain my emotions and I began crying. I asked Tony what else was he hiding from me.

I opened my mouth and let him know exactly how flustered I was. I told him that, uncharacteristically, I snuck into his drawers, cabinets and closets, and found his stash of pills. He had three different kinds, all of which had supplier printouts that listed a long list of negative side-effects, including the side-effects he had while having sex with me. In fact, the list of negative side-effects was ten-times longer that the list of benefits.

I told him these pills are not good for him; and they’re certainly not good for ‘us’. These drugs are polluting his body, and ‘our’ relationship.

As I was yelping away at him his eyes were locked right into mine. His vision was piercing into me. Piercing good, not piercing bad. He melted right in front of me; “You’re the only person who’s ever shown that much concern for me before other than my own mother”. He continued to say, “Wow. I surrender. Guilty as charged! Sorry!

After a moment or two, and a few wiggles from his Adam’s apple, Tony chuckled, “So what’s next coach?

I replied, “We’re buying you one of those androgen-nourishing formulas. You’re going back to the gym. You’re not eating any more white bread. And you’ll report to me, in person, each night at 10 pm, in the bedroom, for your daily assessment from your loving girlfriend, Jody, wink, wink!”

Is this gonna be to be one of those Rocky and Micks’ type of relationship now?” Tony mumbles.

No, it’s one of those Tony and Jody’s type of relationship, with the emphasis on ‘Jody’s!!!”, as I stuck my tongue out at him.

The ‘Real’ Beginning After the False Start. “It’s Phase II of Tony and Jody”, as he calls it now. Tony was completely apologetic, and shed a tear or two himself during that confrontation. But to be honest, I have a few of my own secrets that I’m never planning to tell him, so I felt a tad guilty getting all over him for hiding something from me; just a tad, wink wink.

Like me, Tony was single when we met, but not by his choice. The way he puts it, “I got dumped”. His divorce was emotionally painful, and financially devastating. This crushed his ego, increased his stress level and caused a high level of anxiety that stripped him of much of his manhood. He no longer was financially secure, working his ass off on the days we didn’t see each other so he could show me good time when we were together.

Like millions of other guys, Tony believed using prescription erection pills would make things easier. Heck, his trusted doctor prescribed them to him. The more we seen each other the more his performance anxiety rose to levels he just did not want to contend with. He needed to pop a pill more often, and that’s why he was unresponsive on many occasions. Plus, to hit another one of my ‘sweet spots’, he just wanted to satisfy me. He admits he was wrong and that those pills were making him sick.

We can work it out! After plenty of discussions, and truly believing that Tony is a terrific guy, I told him I’m more concerned about his health because I really do care about him and, so far, can see a future for us. I told him that while reading up on sexual health sciences I learned that as men age, or get themselves out-of-shape, they inevitably experience a condition known as Andropause, which is the slowing down or cessation of their sexual system. Andropause is a man’s menopause manifesting into symptoms of a loss of libido or desire, difficulties obtaining or sustaining an erection, and complications trying to achieve orgasms.

Tony was like a kid in a candy shop. He listened intently and was overwhelmed that I would lovingly accept one of his weaknesses, instead of praising only his strengths.

I told Tony that he should try an herbal formulation that’s been proven to nourish a man’s androgenic system. The ingredients in the formula I found on-line originate from Mother Nature, designed to naturally boost a man’s passion, penile blood flow for firm long-lasting erections, and provide higher levels of sensitivity that result in powerful orgasms. Additionally; and this is my own selfish agenda (wink wink), I told him that this formula is proven to speed up the time between an orgasm that allows men to repeat the erection-to-orgasm cycle so we can do it over and over again! Tony nearly blinded me with his pearly whites on that one!

Needless to say, Tony is a new man now, and so are ‘we’. He’s more of a complete lover than I ever expected. The anxiety of performing is no longer an issue for him. Tony is relaxed and the best lover I ever had. A false, unnatural start turned into a real, natural, healthy beginning. Tony and I are doing great!

Thanks to Mother Nature who had it all figured out long before I met Tony in that coffee shop and long before prescription erection pills were ever invented. If you’re a woman who’s suspicious that your man is using prescription erection pills and you really want to help him stay healthy then please visit the websites listed below to obtain more information on sexual-health and androgenic nutrition.

Remember, sexual disorders and the challenges they present are never a ‘me’ thing, they’re always a ‘WE’ thing.

Thanks for listening to my story!



To obtain more information on sexual-health and androgenic nutrition:




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Let’s Meet Joe & Tim: Cellular Receptivity

Ever wonder how one guy can down a 12-pack and (seem to) carry on a normal conversation while another guy drinks one beer and gets smashed? The science of what’s occurring inside that person’s body, and brain, is immeasurably complex but it can be deduced by a couple of different terms like: tissue sensitivity or cellular receptivity.

To take this a step further, let me introduce you to a couple of wild and ambitious guys . . .

Let’s meet Joe and Tim. These two fellows hang out with one another constantly. In fact, they’re almost inseparable. They are the same age, height and bodyweight, and they share identical goals for building up their bodies and increasing the size and strength of their muscles.

These two fellows have ambitious goals:

Get Big!  Get Strong!  Get Girls!!!

Joe and Tim start working out together – same exercises, same routines, same foods, same supplements. Within one week, Joe increases his bench press from 185 to 205, while Tim’s doesn’t budge an ounce. Joe’s biceps grow to 16” up from 14½”, in only 3 weeks, while Tim gets a measly quarter inch gain. The pattern continues. Joe is the front-runner, and Tim lags behind. Both guys remain faithful to their regular evening workouts together; they even eat the same amount of food and pop all the same supplements.

So why is there a discrepancy between Joe’s and Tim’s results? Receptivity. Gym lingo would tell you that Joe’s muscle cells are more sensitive (or more receptive) to receiving the anabolic (muscle-growing) trigger induced by the weight training and supplements while Tim’s cells are, compared to Joe’s, more stubborn.

Tim’s cells have a quicker down-regulation reaction that limits the amount of nitrogen-rich protein, and other energy-yielding nutrients, that enter into his muscle cells. Joe’s cells, on the other hand, are allowing more muscle-building nourishment to enter into his tissues as his internal cellular receptors are reacting much differently; this is often where genetics plays its favorites.

Both guys, internally speaking, can have similar hormonal profiles, but, as stated, Joe’s tissues are simply responding better – and faster. This response is not limited to weight workouts and protein shakes. The same tissue-entering phenomenon occurs with most others foods, alcohol (remember the 12-pack guy?), caffeine, cigarette smoking, drugs (especially steroids), and all ingestible items. Each person has an internal cellular monitoring system that possesses its own levels of sensitivity, and cellular entry.

So two people who are doing the same things – eating the same foods, performing the same exercises, taking the same supplements or drugs, or drinking the same beverages (12-packs or one can of beer) – will have different rates of digestion, cellular absorption, assimilation, metabolism, and, above all, effects.

This is one of the reasons why the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requests all advertisers of diet programs and supplements list: “Individual results may vary.”

The great news in all this is that when a person relies on nourishing themselves with natural ingredients that have been harvested from Mother Nature, and are then processed under ‘standardized’ production regulations, cellular integrity is supported that can only result in positive benefits.

In conclusion, when making decisions that concern the strength, vitality and health of your body, and it’s trillions of cells, it’s wise to be patient with the process and rely on natural substances.


For more information, please refer to the book

Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance

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