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John Abdo’s – No Excuses™ Workout – The Original Routine

John Abdo’s “No Excuses™ Workout”DVD_No_Excuses

Since 2001

Available in Booklet and DVD

 Exercise Descriptions & Technical Instruction

1.    March:  Stand up with your fist clenched and arms bent at the elbows.  Begin to simultaneously pump your arms and pump your legs.  Imagine you’re in an airport and missing a flight.  Or maybe a parade and maintaining the cadence of the marching band.  Have fun.  March as fast as you can.  Pump your arms and legs as fast and as high as you can.

2.    Pushup:  Lie face down and place your hands just outside your chest.  Push your body upwards until your arms become straight at the elbows.  keep your knees on the ground if you cannot conduct a pushup as shown in the photos.

3.    Squat:  Obtain a shoulders width foot stance.  Maintain an upright back then bend your knees and squat until your thighs become parallel with the floor.  Never fall into a squat and stay close to a chair to hold your balance if necessary.

4.    Shadow Box:  Okay, you’re not in a street fight, just having fun with cardio-boxing.  Pretend that you’re punching your way to fitness right-left-right-left.  Rotate your waistline and torso slightly as you pivot while punching.  Do not over reach your arms or snap your elbows, simply punch in alternate fashion

5.    V-Sits:  Sit at the edge of a chair or bench.  Lean rearward then hold yourself on each side to support your upper body and torso.  Slowly lift both knees upward as high as you can squeezing your abdominals and hips muscles as your knees lift upward.  slowly return your feet to the floor then repeat until all 30 seconds has expired.

6.    Leg Raise [Front/Back; Right Leg]:  Stand upright and hold onto a broomstick or chair for balance.  Keep your left leg firm and straight then slowly lift your right foot upwards keeping your right knee rigid.  Lift your right foot as high in front of your body as possible then slowly pivot it behind your body to be lifted backwards as well.  Swing your leg in an forward/rearward pendulum motion slowly and with control, then switch to your left leg after 30 seconds.

7.    Leg Raise [Front/Back; Left Leg]:  [Same as above however the left leg is now in use]

8.    Calve Raise:  Stand upright and hold onto a broomstick or chair for balance.  Obtain a shoulders width foot stance with knees rigid.  Simultaneously push the toes of both feet into the floor so your heels rise as high as they can.  Pump upwards and downwards bending only at your ankles as fast as you feel capable for 30 seconds.

9.    Jumping Jacks:  Everybody has done this movement back to high school P.E. class, but many of us more “mature” folks have forgotten them, or their effectiveness in fitness.  Conduct short upward jumps while spreading your legs to each side all while trying to clap your hands over head.  Strive to get into a tempo jumping-&-pumping away for 30 seconds.

10.    Crunch:  Lay face up with knees bent and both feet flat.  Place your hands onto your abdominal muscles then lift your head and chest upwards just a few inches feeling your ab muscles tightening before returning your back to the floor.  Continue this until all 30 seconds have expired.  [This is an old fashion way of tightening the abs.  But too many crunches might over do it.  So 30 seconds is all I will allow you].

11.    Swim Strokes [Front/Back]:  You’re swimming in a race; maybe it’s the Olympics?  Swim the front stroke, swim the back stroke.  Rotate your arms in wide circles slightly pivoting your waistline and torso just like you’re in the pool and need to swim faster.  Swim forward for 15 seconds then swim backwards for another 15 seconds.  Always reach as far as you can.

12.    Leg Kicks: Sit at the edge of a chair or bench.  Lean rearward then hold yourself on each side to support your upper body and torso.  pretend you have a loose pair of shoes on your feet and you simply want to flick them off of each foot.  Lift your right knee upward then follow with your right foot trying to kick your shoe off then return your right foot to the floor followed with the same action with your left leg/foot.  Never snap your legs or knees but instead extend your feet with control.
13.    Toe Touch/Overhead Reach [Seated or stand]:  Either standing or seated, lean forward to reach your fingers toward the floor.  Maintain your balance by keeping your feet flat and being conscious of your body position at all times.  Return upward after your downward reach while surpassing the starting [standing] position then reaching upward as high as you can, even raising on your toes if you are standing, to gain as much height as possible.

14.    Crossover Toe Touch:  Stand upright with a wide foot stance and arms spread wide open to each side.  Lean forward twisting your upper body toward your right side trying to bring your left hand toward your right knee or right foot.  Slowly return upward to your standing position then repeat to the other side of your body so now your right hand is lowered toward your left knee or foot.

Features & Benefits:
–    No Equipment Necessary

–    Anytime / Anywhere

–    Total Body Conditioning

–    Aerobic

–    Anaerobic Muscle Strengthening

–    Metabolic Enhancement

–    Fat Burning

–    Cardiovascular Stimulator

–    Nervous System Strengthener

–    Total Body Shaping

–    Respiratory Improvement

–    Flexibility

–    Coordination

–    Stamina/Endurance

–    Increased Mental Clarity

–    Strengthened Immune System

–    Symmetrical Body Shaping

–    Skeletal Balancing

–    First thing in Morning
–    Do not eat before workout

–    If Mid/Late Day, do not eat for 1-2 hours before w/o

–    Eat big healthy meal immedicately-30 minutes after w/o

–    Session should not exceed 30 minutes

–    Every other day or two days on, one day off

Time – Code (Workout Pace / Cadence)________________________
Time                  Exercises    

0:00 – 0:30        March

0:30 – 1:00        Pushup

1:00 – 1:30        Squat

1:30 – 2:00        Shadow Box

2:00 – 2:30        V-Sits

2:30 – 3:00        Leg Raise [Front/Back; Right Leg]

3:00 – 3:30        Leg Raise [Front/Back; Left Leg]

3:30 – 4:00        Calve Raise

4:00 – 4:30        Jumping Jacks

4:30 – 5:00        Crunch

5:00 – 5:30        Swim Strokes [Front/Back]

5:30 – 6:00        Leg Kicks

6:00 – 6:30        Toe Touch/Overhead Reach [Seated or stand]

6:30 – 7:00        Crossover Toe Touch

7:00 – 9:00        Rest Period


– Perform each movement for 30 seconds then move onto the next.  If you cannot make 30 seconds then perform as many as you can within that time then move on.  A digital timer is best, one that’s easily visible.

– Once a full circuit is completed take a 1-2 minutes rest then repeat.

•    Breath Normally

•    Listen to Proper Music

•    Don’t Listen to News or Watch TV


•    Beginners            1 circuit / 7 Minutes

•    Intermediate         2 Circuits / 14 Minutes

•    Advanced             3 Circuits / 21 Minutes

•    Ultra Advanced    4-5 Circuits 28-35 Minutes


–    Beginners             Every Other Day, or 3-4 Times Weekly

–    Intermediate         Every Other Day, or 3-4 Times Weekly

–    Advanced             Two Days On and One day Off in Succession

–    Ultra Advanced    Two Days On and One day Off in Succession


John Abdo, Trainer of World Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists

Since 1975

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