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Ten Tips for Boosting Testosterone & Having Better Sex


  1. Pump up: It’s a fact that men (and women) who regularly engage in weight training effectively boost their overall health, bone and muscle density, and testosterone levels. Resistance exercise, 3-5 times per week, for 30-45 minutes sessions, stimulates a man’s (natural, or endogenous) anabolic/androgenic metabolism, which is chiefly fueled by testosterone. Testosterone also plays an essential role in libido, spontaneous and quality erections, penile sensitivity and overall sexual performance. The more muscle a man has the more testosterone his body is likely to produce to nourish and maintain that muscle.
  2. Die it out: The #1 cause for erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalances is smoking. Smoking destroys the integrity of the blood vessels that circulate fresh blood supplies into the organs of the body, including the penis. Without blood surging into the penis, a man will not become, or remain erect. Male smokers (falsely) believe prescription erection pills will assist them with their waning bedroom performances. But statistics indicate that as high as 60% of men who use prescription erection pills are either unable to obtain, or sustain their erections, or get very sick trying.
  3. Chow down: Protein contains nutritional constituents called amino acids. These are the microscopic power sources that are essential for building muscle, strengthening the cardiovascular and nervous systems, boosting immunity, and nourishing a man’s sexual-reproductive system, to name a few. Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish and lean red meats are excellent sources of protein to add to your meals. Combined with resistance exercise, the testosterone-boosting / sex-enhancing benefits from a diet rich in high-quality proteins are impressive.
  4. Calm down: The testicles produce most of a man’s testosterone, approximately 95%. What many do not know, or regard as significant, is that the adrenals produce the other 5%. In comparison to the number 95, the number ‘5’ may seem low, or insignificant, but for the man experiencing Low-T, hypogonadism or Andropause, that 5% is often that extra androgenic boost a man needs to A) spontaneously achieve an erection, B) sustain the erection long enough to please his partner, C) experience heightened sensitivity which results in great pleasure and a powerful orgasm, D) be ready to repeat the entire erection-to-orgasm cycle as quickly as possible and E) maintain a favorable muscle-to-ratio profile. The adrenals become hyper-active when consistently responding to stress. So, over time, the adrenals become exhausted and depleted, producing less and less androgenic testosterone. Millions of men suffering erectile dysfunction are merely deficient in adequate supplies of testosterone (i.e., andropause) due to the deleterious consequences of stress. These men have the ‘parts‘ to perform sex, they simply lack the ‘fuel‘. Learning to relax in stressful situations eases the activity of the adrenals that, in turn, helps to maintain a healthier testosterone level. Save your T for the bedroom and gym, and don’t waste it driving through rush-hour traffic.
  5. Trim the fat: It’s a statistical fact that obese men are more likely to achieve hormonal imbalances. When men accumulate excess fat they’re likely to concurrently produce less testosterone and more estrogen; an undesirable ratio. From bulging love-handles to protruding breast-like chests with female-looking nipples, to more flaccid penises, men become feminized simply by adding too much fat onto their body. One of my sayings is “Estrogen loves fat while testosterone loves muscle”. The more muscle a man has the more testosterone he’s likely to manufacturer.
  6. No rules: Many guys march into the bedroom with specific rules of engagement, previous ‘best’ performances to exceed, or the mere intention to prove they’re the best man their partner has ever had. Especially for the aging male, that mindset can instigate varying levels of performance anxiety forcing that man to tap-out long before he can ever make-out. Anxiety has been shown to be highly responsible for crippling sexual performances. Take it slow and easy. Calm down and scrap the rules book. And remember that many women love a man who ‘takes his time’. According to many sexperts, taking it slow enables a man to fully enjoy every second they’re lucky enough to be in a lovemaking experience.
  7. Check with your doctor: Medical advice is always suggested to any person who is experiencing hormonal and health challenges, and this includes men with sexual dysfunctions. But before you schedule an appointment make sure your doctor is, 1) educated in nutrition and 2) understands the complex science of male [hormonal] sexuality. If your doctor qualifies visit with him once or twice a year for regular check-ups and request a complete hormonal blood panel and prostate exam. As youngsters, men didn’t have to be concerned about their ‘little buddies’ but as men age predicable hormonal, genital and sexual challenges may ensue. Be a wise guy!
  8. Say ‘Goodbye’ to Five-Finger Mary: Excessive masturbation desensitizes a man’s penis, lowers his sperm count, and could strain the functionality of his prostate. Men who masturbate incessantly may also develop distorted sexual-psychological behavior patterns; Internet porn has exasperated this form of sexual addiction. It’s also known that many men are fully capable, and successful, of achieving an erection and an orgasm on their own but they become impotent when attempting to engage in sex with a partner. Many experts believe these performance-stopping reactions are created by  the thought-sensation response that has (again) become distorted, or perverted, while many of these men have conditioned themselves to believe it’s easier, faster, less embarrassing, and (oftentimes) safer to have sex with oneself than it is to have sex with another person. Refraining from or, at least, limiting, self-sex enables a man to fully enjoy himself when he has that special partner lying next to him!
  9. Bottom’s down: Excess alcohol consumption, and all prescription drugs, cause side effects. The statistics are staggering of men who are becoming impotent and/or experiencing severe hormonal deficiencies as a result of intoxicating themselves. The body, and its organs, simply cannot manage the abuse and, over time, they will break down. The first organ to often shutdown is the penis, and no matter how much stimulation or how potent the prescription erection pills are these men struggle to get it up, or keep it up.
  10. Nutritional Supplementation: It’s nearly impossible to obtain all of the nutrition an active man needs merely from food alone. Men, with all their muscles and active lifestyles, combined with the fact that they want to remain sexually active, must nourish their sexual-reproductive (androgenic) systems which includes many glands like the pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenals, testicles, and prostate. High-quality protein foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and natural sources of starchy (complex) carbohydrates are the winning combination!

Good Luck!


John Abdo is a former Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach and Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. John has appeared as an expert guest on hundreds of television and radio shows, and has authored countless articles on health, fitness, nutrition, sports performance, and sexuality. His latest book is the critically acclaimed, Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, a must-read. For more information please visit


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