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(A brief excerpt)

I detail in my book Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™ that a person’s thinking mind exerts a significant (and dominating) influence on the health and performance of their sexual-reproductive system, especially their genitals. For men, it’s their penises, testicles and prostate. For women, it’s their vagina, ovaries and clitorises.

When a person is mentally positive, confident and emotionally relaxed it’s natural, and easy, for them to become aroused and fulfill their sexual desires. Men obtain firm long-lasting penile erections and sensitivity; women obtain highly sensitive clitoral erections and vaginal lubrication. However, when a person is depressed and anxious, chances of getting aroused and reaching an orgasm drops dramatically. An anxious, depressed, and stressed man will have as much difficulty obtaining or sustaining an erection than it is for him to bench press 500 pounds, for repetitions. An anxious, depressed, and stressed woman won’t vaginally lubricate, her clitoris will become irritated with even modest degrees of stimulation and she’ll have difficulty achieving an orgasm.

In addition, anxiety, negative thinking and depression causes a dramatic drop in the production and secretion of many health-yielding hormones, including, testosterone. Testosterone from a man’s testicles, the ovaries in women, and the adrenals in both sexes, while concurrently creating estrogen imbalances. Hormonal discrepancies ignite all sorts of sexual and performance dysfunctions in both sexes that include loss of desire, orgasmic difficulties, ED, vaginal irritation, low sperm count, increases in body fat and loss of muscle energy and strength.

In Chapter 10: Sex on the Brain, amongst many other sexual health-enhancing topics, this section of the book introduces my readers to the art of exchanging negative health-destroying thoughts with positive health-promoting thoughts that condition the mind to become more relaxed and positive, and are designed to aid one in realizing better consistency and higher levels of enjoyment for all their sexual experiences!

Many times a person complaining about a sexual challenge is ‘physically’ okay; it’s what and how they’re thinking that turns pleasure into pain.

For more information, please refer to the book

Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance

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