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Let’s Meet Tom: An easy-going guy who’s making a ‘hard’ decision

Tom’s been depressed for about two years now. You’d never know it though when you meet him, he’s friendly, has a great sense-of-humor and always sports a smile.

But Tom is in his late forties and has packed on the pounds, most notably around his waistline. He gets out of breathe easily during seemingly manageable chores and has trouble staying motivated.

Motivation to Tom is important, not only for his demanding job as a salesman for an electronics company, he has a beautiful, younger wife named Caroline, and feels proud when he pleases her. In fact, satisfying Caroline makes Tom feel like a man in the true sense of the word!

But Tom is slowing down. No matter how hard he tries he’s simply not capable of fulfilling his, or his wife’s’ desires anymore. He’s nowhere near the man he used to. Nowhere near the man he ‘wants’ to.

Contemplating the consequences, Tom schedules a visit to see his doctor. On the drive over to the clinic, and even while he’s sitting in the waiting room, Tom silently and nervously rehearses what he’s going to say. Tom tries different inflections for expressing his upcoming request, nervously preparing for a myriad of possible rejections that are buzzing inside his head.

As he sits in the waiting room, Tom is noticeably anxious. Sweat is beading down his forehead. The rehearsing isn’t feeling so good after all. He takes a few deep breaths and tries to calm himself down. He knows this was his own decision – something he’s been procrastinating for over a year now. Tom can’t chicken out now; he must get the help he needs. Help for him. Help for his marriage.

Tom is finally let into the examination room. He sits alone for a few remaining moments mustering up his courage to tell the doctor why he came in for this visit.

Seal of Approval

Like most doctors’ offices, diplomas from what seem to be prestigious medical institutions adorn the walls, offering Tom a tad more confidence. These official certificates advocate assurance that Tom can reveal his gnawing inner secret to his doctor. And let me break it to you now if you haven’t figured it out yet, Tom is one of millions of men who (secretly) battle with ED.

The doctor enters the room, and after some small talk and awkward pausing and clearing of his throat, Tom explains that he’s been having difficulties with his sex life. He goes on to explain that his penis doesn’t respond like it used to, and expresses his lack of responsiveness toward his affectionate wife.

Without any examination or further questioning, all within seconds after Tom (briefly) explained his symptoms, the doctor responds, “That’s normal. I see plenty of guys with that exact same problem. How many do you want?

Tom is taken aback by the doctors’ also seemingly rehearsed, rapid reply. Tom is both instantly surprised yet relieved. He knows what the doctor is referring to when he asks “How many do you want?”. Tom is about to receive what he believes to be a magical cure that will remedy his despondent needs. (Belief is a powerful and influencing emotion.)

Tom finally lets out a sigh of relief and says, “Well doc, as many as you can prescribe to meß”

The doctor scribbles onto a prescription pad and hands Tom his Rx without hesitation. Tom rushes to the local pharmacy to purchase his newly prescribed erection pills.

Honey; I’m (Coming) Home!

Tom calls Caroline as he’s rushing home with his magic tonic tucked secretly in a white paper bag. Caroline doesn’t know where Tom was today, nor does she (completely) know that Tom has been having an erection problem. There have been many challenges with their sex life lately, but Caroline attributes all that to how busy they’ve been and the stress Tom has had to deal with at work.

Between Tom’s “You-better-hit-your-quota-or-else” boss, taking care of their two growing-up-so-quickly kids, and looking after Caroline’s ailing mother, things have been a bit hectic. (A logical reason for the lack of romance, right?) But Tom knows the truth. All this time, he has felt guilty about his intermittent bouts of ED and the fact that, uncharacteristically, he’s been intentionally averting sexual opportunities with Caroline, even when she makes advances at him.

Tom’s ego simply will not permit him to admit his inner struggle to his own wife nor does he know what to say in the first place. But Tom finally has his relief plan ready to spring into action! Thanks to the doctor who has hung all those diplomas on his office walls!

Too Good to be True:

The erection pill prescription is certainly a boost to Tom’s confidence – as it is to most first-timers. Motivated for the first time in a (very) long time, Tom decides to initiate some intimate action with Caroline the second he gets home. They end up having their best sex in over a year. The intimacy restores a lot of deeply buried emotions. It’s quite a healing experience for Tom and Caroline.

However, as time goes by, Tom becomes dependent on his secret stash of little pills. To add insult to injury, Tom’s now struggling with two major issues; his sexual disorder and financial issues. This is not healthy for a man nearing fifty, who’s gained too much weight and is constantly depressed; Tom no longer has that chipper sense-of-humor and rarely smiles these days. Not only are these drugs making him sick they’re also costing him a small fortune; another problem he struggles to keep from Caroline.

Before he knows it, the romance with Caroline has fizzled out, again…and so has his ability to achieve an erection. Sad to say, the pills stop working, like they do for a high percentage of men, according to plenty of legitimate reports. Even when they do work, Tom experiences brain-slicing headaches, difficulty breathing through his nose and is nauseous during sex and for hours afterwards. The ‘erection’ pills may have made Tom hard on a few occasions, but he rarely obtained enough sensation in his penis to feel any pleasure. He struggled during intercourse to stay erect and rarely reached an orgasm, and only after he exerted a huge effort that left him exhausted afterwards.

Caroline hasn’t been naive about Tom’s waning sexuality. She hasn’t asked him because she doesn’t know how; and she doesn’t want to bruise his pride in any way. Plus, Caroline’s a loving considerate wife deducing that “Tom is in his late forties” and considers sexual laziness a natural, inevitable part of aging.

Tom is like millions of men who seek short-term remedies that only address the symptoms of his motivation, penis and orgasm issues, all while ignoring the causes. Doctors who quickly prescribe erection pills, without administering throughout examinations and suggesting alternative, natural proven solutions, like herbal ingredients, should be replaced by educated medical professionals who’s diplomas have been earned at other institutions that specialize in sexual anatomy, physiology, and nutrition, to name a few.

Tom only became worse, making him even more depressed than he’s ever been.

His new drugs of (his) choice are anti-depressants, prescribed by yet another doctor who has even more diplomas adorning his office walls. It’s a vicious cycle.

Tom’s doctor recommended that he make any changes in the way he manages stress, to control his (negative) thinking, to eat more nutritiously and to exercise a few days a week, or to consider natural herbal ingredients instead of relying on prescription drugs concocted through laboratory experiments.

__________            __________            __________

“40% of men do not find prescription erection pills satisfying.”

Mark Newell, Ph.D.

__________            __________            __________

Prescription erection pills enable some guys to obtain an erection. And, at least for the short term, an erection is all they’re concerned about or satisfied with. But deep down, a man knows when he’s relying on (synthetic) prescription drugs to make a once natural function perform he’s no longer normal and this chops away at the core of his manhood.

Be a wise guy! Avoid becoming dependant on prescription erection drugs. Natural herbal ingredients are much superior and extraordinarily effective at stimulating libido, genital blood flow, hence fast, firm, long-lasting erections, and enhance sensation for powerful orgasms. Natural herbal ingredients also offer a countless list of other healthy benefits.

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