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Andropause: From Sad to Glad

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Astonishingly, statistics reveal that many men are (and have been) slowing down. I’m not referring to the speed at which they can physically run or their intellectual ability to quickly calculate a hand in Blackjack. Rather, it’s their overall health and, especially, their sexual abilities that are waning, and it’s not only from old age.

Simply put, many men are slowing down, while millions of others are stuck in pause mode; know referred to Andropause: Andro is short for androgen, referring to male hormones, while pause simply means a cessation. (Some other titles include impotence, hypogonadism, viropause, male menopause, ED, Low T, and others.)

Men don’t need a doctor to tell them that they’re low in sexual desire, and they don’t need to undergo fancy, expensive tests to prove they “can’t get it up.” Guys with ED already know that. Doctors are needed to ascertain hormonal deficiencies then implement strategic lifestyle modifications and proper nourishment that will methodically “unpause” sexually deficient men.

When men experience andropause, in their minds, this is their mid-life crisis. And because most men have been brainwashed into this mid-life crisis thing, men, like women who deal with menopause, regard declines in their health and sexuality as the normal and inevitable we-can’t-do-anything-about-it fact of aging.

But that mindset is no longer true. Maybe it was decades ago, when these sciences weren’t very well understood. But like everything else – computers, aviation, electronics, automotives and most other technologies – the sciences that locate and remedy human sexual health disorders have also advanced and, ironically, have directed us back to Mother Nature instead of some synthetic laboratory experiment.

Unfortunately, a lot of this information has not become available to the mainstream – unless, of course, you read my book Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance. Similar to menopause in women, andropause is a decline or imbalance in the male endocrine (or hormonal) system that inevitably manifests as ED, or erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Statistics show that this is a serious and growing male health concern, made obvious by the escalating sales of erection pills that are being sold to desperate men. Andropause relentlessly decreases the quality of a man’s life, oftentimes having a negative impact on his family and career.

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For more information, please refer to the book written by John Abdo

Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance

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