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Cellular Integrity and The Role of Antioxidants

Cellular Integrity and The Role of Antioxidants

By John Abdo

Antioxidants are powerful microscopic wonders found in many of the foods we conveniently have available to us. We cannot live long without these gifts from Mother Nature, and if we did survive without them, we would not live well.

Antioxidants provide the trillions of cells that comprise our body and brain with and protection from toxic invaders. They are best known for combating Free Radicals, noxious enemies that attack our cells that result from junk food, pollution, drugs, stress and other unhealthy causes.

ANALOGY: Let’s take a fresh apple and slice it in half. One half we’ll enjoyably eat while the other half we’ll leave on the counter-top, “exposed”. In just a short period of time, the uneaten half of that apple clearly shows signs that a cellular decaying process has begun, as the apple starts to turn brown evident that it’s quickly dying. Uneatable by our standards, we’ll toss the uneaten half of that apple into the trash and cover it up. Amazingly, and shockingly, in a couple of short days we’ll notice a swarm of tiny flies living in and flying around that half apple, along with a multiplying population of slimy little critters [called maggots] crawling all over it. So how did all this happen? It’s the result of a radical invasion.

The same comparison applies to our cells. If they are left exposed, and not given their proper source of protective and vital nourishment, they will undergo a degradation process prompted from an attack by radical invaders. Unless and until antioxidants come to the rescue the dying cells are doomed, so it’s a healthy and wise practice to consume antioxidants as a daily regimen to maintain cellular integrity.

The great news about foods that contain antioxidants is that most of them taste terrific while those that don’t {individual preference} can fortunately be prepared in alternative ways to make them tasty. When you think you’re low in consuming antioxidants, or just want to bump up your consumption as an insurance policy for your own body, here’s a few nutritious and delicious chooses you can add to your meals or consume alone as healthy snacks.


Blueberries: TASTY: Possess amazing abilities to enter brain cells for improvement in memory and mental functions, and are also extremely helpful for the eye health.

Oranges: REFRESHING: An over-whelmingly popular, and potent source of Vitamin C that’s essential for heart and lung health, kidneys, bones and more.


Broccoli: CRUCIFEROUS: Has amazing cancer-fighting properties that protect cellular DNA. Plays a significant role in maintaining healthy hormones especially as person ages.

Carrots: PERFECT SNACK: An incredible root plant that strengthens the immune system, prevents lung cancer, and promotes overall health to the skin, eyes, lungs and intestinal tract


Green Tea: INVIGORATING: A terrific energy booster that fights free radicals and improves nervous system health. Also used successfully in fat loss programs.

Garlic: FLAVOR-FULL: One of the best-known natural antibiotic sources that has powerful antioxidant properties. This herb is terrific for preventing and treating colds and flu, treating acne, and controlling cholesterol levels.


John Abdo is an Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Award-Winning inventor of fitness equipment like The AB-DOer® and Inductee into the National Health & Fitness Hall of Fame. John is also the co-developer of the popular male-performance formula Androzene®. For more information please email John at:

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