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Sex AddictYou’ve probably heard that most men “think with their little heads”, and if that means men are always motivated by sex, then that saying is accurate. Sex is man’s procreative genetic programming mechanism that dates back to our origin, and has fuel man ever since. Without sex man would not be here, nor could I be writing this. Remove its religious and cultural misunderstandings, and man must create, otherwise the human race would become extent.  The brain is wired in such a way that it is intimately linked to the reproductive organs, and that includes the testicles, prostate and penis.  This might sound like a treatise for pro-creation, and basically it is, but man’s sexual procreative expression is rewarded by Mother Nature as indicated by the extreme pleasure we receive (men and women) during the entire sexual experience, especially climaxes (aka, orgasm).  Many specially skilled sex-health scientists believe that the pleasure we obtain from sex has, and will continue to motivate man to have sex, make more babies, and keep advancing the human race. A survival code for all species, sex, along with eating and shelter, is what makes a man fulfill his natural obligations and maintain his true identity.  Obviously, it’s working as we’ll be approaching 10 billion people living on this planet in the next half century, or sooner. So when the “big head” thinks about sex, the “little head” is genetically programmed to respond, and is also rewarded with a lot of pleasure.

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