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What are the Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

imagesMany may believe that Erectile Dysfunction, aka, ED, is a penis condition. And if they’re regarding this disorder as a lack of obtaining, or maintaining, an erection, basically, they’re right. But was “causes” ED to happen in the first place? This is the prudent question to ask, then address.

Surprisingly, medical sciences haven’t known, or seemed to want to know, the answer to this question that’s been asked by men throughout the ages. A majority of doctors along with what seems to be the entire medical community, disappointingly, have historically ignored male sexuality on one basic premise; in lieu of the “grand scheme” of things, man only contributes, on average, 2-3 minutes of effort in the pro-creative (or making babies) process. What this means is that, time-wise, a male ejaculates quickly planting the baby-making sperm into a female. However, once the sperm has been planted, and the female has been inseminated, the woman’s role in the pro-creative process requires over 9 months of carrying a quickly-enlarging baby inside her body, and succumbing to a plethora of social, personal and occupational sacrifices, in addition to the pains and discomfort of labor, and the time is takes her to recover during the post-partum period.

Medical sexual sciences now know better. They are advancing quickly these days, and mostly because men are whining and complaining about their faltering bedroom performances. We now know that there are many “causes” for ED including those that originate from emotional, neurological, circulatory, endocrinolgical, and (poor) lifestyle reasons.

If you’re relying on a prescription erection pill to perk up your “little Willy”, chances are you’ll get a (temporary) erection but you’re doing nothing to address the “cause(s)” of your condition, and by sheer statistical data, you’ll be making your problem worse.

Be prudent and address both the “causes” and “symptoms” of any of your health challenges, especially those that relate to your hormones, glands, testicles, penis’, prostates!

In the book, Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, author, John Abdo, explains all of the causes for ED, and other sexual disorders, while explaining, in detail, how ED is “only” a symptom and should be treated, and cured, according to that premise.

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