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TesticlesMany men are concerned about the size of their penis’, and they also show a high degree of concern about their testicular dimensions.  In fact, the bigger the balls, the bigger the man — it’s been that way since man first arrived here on planet earth. If you’ve been diagnosed to be hypogondal, or simply have an unhealthy lifestyle, or have entered into that stage (age) of life which produces less hormones than your younger years, or you’re using anabolic steroids, you know all too well that your balls shrink during these conditions.  There are several techniques known to boost testicular size. The easiest is to abstain from masturbation, as many guys simply jack-off too frequently, and this will diminish sperm count and, consequently, can reduce testicular size — your balls become drained.  Another technique is to actually shove your nuts into a penis vacuum device (not joking) and pump them up while you’re pumping up your penis (please learn proper methods for penis and testicular suction before attempting). A injectable drug named human chorionic gonadotrophin, or HCG, which must be prescribed by a doctor, triggers the release of leutinizing hormone from the pituitary gland that ultimately influences the leydig cells inside the testicles.  The leydig cells manufacture testosterone, and when they are hyper-activated, it’s commonly experienced that testicular cells swell. There’s also over-the-counter pills and potions you can use, like velvet antler  and others, and they all will have similar benefits, but to varying degrees. Please know, however, that individual results will vary and that medical supervision is always suggested especially when you’re trying to tinker with your family jewels.


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