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EndocrineGlandsSad to Glad Dan  ANDROPAUSE is becoming a household name, and for good reason–many homes are feeling its devastating effects. Similar to menopause in women, andropause is the decline of the male endocrine [or hormonal] system, a serious male health concern.

A combination of two words, “andro” which means androgen, relating to the male hormonal system while “pause” is a stagnation or regression in hormonal health, this a medical condition relentlessly decreases the quality of life and productivity for many men.

Interestingly enough, key Biomarkers to a healthy body and mind are sexual desire or libido, and the ability to successfully achieve and sustain an erection to perform intercourse. Andropause makes these natural and pleasureful acts difficult and even impossible. Men don’t need doctors telling them that they’re low in desire or they “can’t get it up”. But out of desperation, and seeking instant gratification, many men, and their doctors, are focusing on the “effects” of these embarrassing sexual problems while ignoring the “causes”


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  1. With the right supplemental nourishment men can experience rapid improvements, sometimes overnight, but certainly within one week. ALL DEPENDS ON ONE’S HEALTH, check with a skilled doctor who understands sexual-health nourishment.

    Comment by johnabdo | June 8, 2012 | Reply

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