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Q: I’m interested in a vacuum pump but am frustrated with the ones I’ve purchased over the Internet that keep on breaking and leaking air.  Do you recommend penile vacuum pumps and are the models you offer through your website made of high quality?

A: Vacuum pump therapy is surprisingly effective at conditioning not only the elastic tissues of the penis but are tremendously important for drawing blood into the deep circulatory vessels and cells. We now know that the penis becomes erect with the engorgement of blood. The more blood that gets inside the penis the harder the erection, it’s that simple. Many men don’t have so much a problem getting an erection, per se, it’s the quality, or firmness, that has them concerned.  The current vacuum pump models that are offered on the website are what my staff and myself believe to be the highest quality vacuums products on the market. These are patented designs which are made for comfort and function; they will not leak, while they’re supported with substantial medical study and substantiation.  The testimonials will also lend credibility to the efficacy of these penile vacuum pumps.  To summarize, along with many experts in this area, I recommend vacuum pump usage and, yes, the models available on the website have been medically proven to work.

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