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Although it has its place in the menu of sexual activities and pleasures, many may just think that masturbation is a quick way to achieve orgasm and, basically, they’re right. But according to studies, self-induced orgasm is far inferior than orgasm achieved through sexual contact with a person you are attracted to, and even more so, in love with.

Also, fear of failure leads to chronic (or manic) masturbation as the man avoids approaching and making contact with a woman who relies on self-pleasuring himself instead of engaging in mutual sex. This can be futile for the man experiencing ED because it is not what he man truly desires. Any unfulfilled ambitions or desires can lead to frustration and, as Freud puts it, neurosis. However, masturbation, in addition to sexual intimacy with a partner, can be healthy, as it offers a good balance between mutual sex and solo sex.

Internet pornography is damaging because it causes detachment from socializing and meeting partners that can lead to chronic masturbation. This is the easy, fast way for sexual relief, and the surest way to avoid embarrassment for men with sexual disorders or social fears, but it does nothing to remedy his problems. Avoiding the remedies to his disorders a man’s problems will most often only worsen.

Chronic masturbation is often the result of a more severe sexual disorder resulting from performance anxiety. This condition prevents men from asserting themselves from having a partner due to fear of potential failure. This condition is often referred to as Sexual Aversion Disorder, or SAD. Yes, it’s SAD indeed, as this is a habitual trick the emotions play on a man with ED that forces him to avert any potentially pleasuring situations in an attempt to avoid the pain of failure or rejection. Over time, men withSAD actually begin to believe or, at least, justify their reasons for averting all sexual encounters, deepening the subconscious programming.

Masturbation, and the sexual feelings it creates, as satisfying as it can be, often does not transfer to any other act, especially with a partner. So if a man, on his own, can easily get an erection, achieve heightened sensitivity and an explosively pleasuring orgasm, this doesn’t necessarily equate to how he’s react and feel with a sexual partner.

(Excerpt taken from “Mind Over Matter”; Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, Abdo, ©, All Rights Reserved)

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